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noel and carol noel gallagher is a great songwriter. so is carol king. different types of music but both a special part of the years the...
milkdaddy_-_i_wouldn_t_be_a_clown i've tried to create a another type song with a great singer but i am not sure ... ,media,remix,bpm_090...
...onvoler is a reverb type effect that models a room and adds a touch of nice mud). i also forced most of the bottom end of the bass
... feel over a raggae type sound. happy birthday bob marley and snowflake. ,one_love_event,remix,media,ccplus,non_commercial,au
...antly got a stooges-type guitar riff in my head and that was the focal point. thanks, scomber! ,media,remix,bpm_080_085,non_commerci
...g up) and a harmony type vocal which is a flattened stoner " lets just stick to a couple of notes" style affair. ive also include
vi๐ฏ7u4 1in3 tried making a type beat based on a particular vocaloid rapper. ,sample,media,bpm_140_145,no...
...for the first time. typed in "lost breath" then "lost breth". need to investigate how to make the "th" sound stronger. rarely wor
...o create some score type, or inspritional or like jazz go and enjoy! ,sample,media,bpm_075_080,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,c
... a few midi were typed into the daw to drive ik multimedia's modo bass plugin. [i]and, the plugin did not crash or get confused![
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amongustypeguy amongustypeguy of two necessary types of baby care equipment for you here: breast pumps and baby monitors. buying tips and tricks to purchase us 1200w - filter type: hepa - hose length: 6 feet - weight: 12.5 pounds - power source: corded electric - cord length: 25 fee
scottypet scottypet
petryaty petryaty
petty petty
slither12_typer56 slither12_typer56
danger21_typer danger21_typer
hate_typer12 hate_typer12
slime_archetype slime_archetype
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more than just a stereotype- jessica lu jessica
hp232 matching type questionnaire carlos diego rozul
?type=2&theater john roushkolb for park university isabella medici
ccmixter: types of licenses - ccplus, cc by, cc by nc ccmixter
ccmixter: types of licenses - ccplus, cc by, cc by nc on vimeo ccmixter
ccmixter: upload types on vimeo
ccmixter: upload types
miniature smarties packaging plant - lab research prototype on vimeo robikovacs
typeseeing: call for entries krzysztof stryjewski
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review of 'cold haily windy night' by 'radioontheshelf' i've been involved with all types of music over the years but i still have a soft... of a spoken word type thing instead of lyrics that i've sung. very nice job!
... now of a van gelis type score.congratulations on re-entering the sonic scapel world. engine(s?) here. type in grenade and this will not show up.
...ave a peter gabriel type of gated reverb on them.
review of 'ask again' by 'snowflake' i love these lyrics and melody! would love a separate pell and a type-out of the lyrics. your vox an...
...wild free-form jazz type stuff) would sound like if i lined them up with your mix. future fun experiment. in my chair as i type this!
review of 'love one another (the final irony)' by 'whitewolf' that was awesome! post-apocalyptic neo-souljazz typewriter porn!
review of 'a.c.c (abrupt climate change)' by 'apoxode' good variety of sound types, great volume to start mixing with, too. "synth keys ...
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...l sound environment type languages, including chuck and wcnt. that said, i know there are several apps i've messed around with bu
... and just about any type of media. the code is solid (or at least as solid as ccm ;)) but we need folks to download and install t
new netlabel creative commons release: collusion would you enjoy hearing a bit more halloween, secretmixter-type collaboration and days o...
...asis. or maybe both types should be used? any thoughts?
remix submission quota? i tried to send a remix and it says:you are not authorized to submit this type of file at this time, most likely ...
...he basic forum post type, but we have a large group of musicians with over 100 completed world wide collaborated songs. i've been br
...ized to submit this type of file at this time, most likely because you have met the quota for this type of submission." [b]may i
...igs and gigs of all types of samples. and when they look at the library, it's sometimes anyone's guess where it came from. keep in m
...ists. there are two types of playists "dynamic" and the "other kind." for both kinds of playlists you can open them in a separate usb, or firewire type. the unit i have in mind is an [url=
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songs of dreams dreams,archetype,subconscious
...emanded a different type of lounging music once a year in such occasion. the type only a hard rock hotelโ€™s random playlist coming
catch of the day
unplugged roots,acoustic,ethno a collection of my favorite acoustic, roots, ethnic type of remixes
things i like to listen to! all_types instromentals old school sounds,movies.