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...irst in a series of capturing transcendence or in this case a trance in the form of a dance :) lyrics are below: only the dia
...he remix- very much capturing the feeling of when the floor drops out of your castle in the air, so to speak.. there's an almost fer
... games, short films capturing winter sports and activities, and christmas book trailers. some cool drums or vocals could make thi
gerald desmond bridge lamppost saturday july 20 was spent capturing as much of the long beach gerald desmond bridge as possible using con...
...f expectation stop capturing the past for our future and be for the present a gift unwrapped. essesq 2012 ,gift_of_song,acappe
...wn a song it's like capturing a cloud lingering in your thoughts humming in the street haunted by a harmony a song like birds fli
...o audiotechnica for capturing the absolutely right feel for this track with his post-punk bass part, and to haskel (aka hej31) for h
piano for winter in chicago capturing the feel of winter in chicago. sample,media,trackback,in_video,ambient,chicago,fmc11,instrumental,p...
...ound/tracks aims at capturing these visual impressions and translates them into a musical composition in real-time - producing an im
still.frames capturing still-frames of memories im trapped in a void of fears and tears wondering how much is it gonna take to wash y...
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Found 5 total matches a new technology capturing all allergens. this filter will trap more than 99 percent of allergens such as dust mites, pollen, hai
...all that. while capturing the accomplishment, marion region chief mike brentano after that janet carlson around we were holding
...low ambient sounds, capturing the inner emotions of the mind, truly excellent!". "you're the jan hammer of the 21th century!".
...making and his goal capturing personality, you can rely on caine to set new trends and surprise his listeners with upcoming dvd's, a
cixxxj cixxxj making music is all about capturing a vibe, a mood, a rhythm, and here i come with the most technological side of this proc...
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... ambient soundscape capturing the essence of what i was getting at.
...ver emphasis to his capturing melodies and transitions. the fade at the end is so smooth and the kaleidoscope video is hypnotic!!!
...cially. congrats on capturing the unique magic that is kara square. [up][/up][up][/up]
... world. thanks for capturing this with sound.
review of 'pool of love (whatcha gonna do mix)' by 'snowflake' mystically capturing. i love the percussion! thank you for remixing me.
review of 'stellar words' by 'siobhan dakay' great backtrack capturing all the tragic that is in transported in the lyrics.
review of 'breakfast on the dark side of the moon' by 'whitewolf' if the theme of this tune is set to capturing the view outside of a caf...
review of 'everyone has gone home' by 'sackjo22' yes! here's to extemporaneous expression, capturing the moment, and moving onto the next...
review of 'stayin' at home' by 'kara square' okay. so i love this. i feel like it's how my brain often sounds lately. capturing all the m...
...[/url] good job capturing the zeitgeist. i like the multi-media mashup and backing track. bit long for us patrons of the sho
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... forms of creation, capturing, in an experimental way, the feel, noise and identity of the urban structures, their dynamics, people
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