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Sat, May 13 11:56 AM Z-ROX review of Yage Camera - Travelin'Mix by Audio Morphology
I have listened to this track a few times now. Nice, I dig this sonic picture...
Sat, May 13 11:52 AM Z-ROX review of My Name is teru and I'll be Your Tour Guide Today by teru
A wonderful journey, simply wonderful.
Sat, May 13 3:55 AM zensunni review of Sanidade (Drums in the Street Mix) by Incarnadine
And fun it is!! I like this mix. It's good for the summer.
Fri, May 12 6:52 PM shagrugge review of hidden ninja vs. Fort Minor - Remember The Name (Ol' Skool Dn'B Remix) by hidden ninja
much better than the ratings it's received...nice DnB mix...I'm so over the voca...
Fri, May 12 2:07 PM vincent_vega11 review of Contact by adkriech599
wow this is so cool,love the voices and the horns...finaly some one who didn't r...
Fri, May 12 11:03 AM vincent_vega11 review of Shaggin by MC Jack in the Box
so very very cool...shag on man...peace
Fri, May 12 10:59 AM vincent_vega11 review of Glitchy Bass Riff by dj snyder
i like it weird,i like it a lot...just have to find out how to mix it...btw i lo...
Fri, May 12 10:52 AM vincent_vega11 review of ill Hustlin' (Still Remixin') by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
like the man says RESPECT...check my rmx of 'still hustlin'... peace.
Fri, May 12 10:49 AM vincent_vega11 review of still hustlin'-DU-remix by deutscheunschuld
very nicely like...the beat is so cool...check out my rmx of 'still hu...
Fri, May 12 10:45 AM vincent_vega11 review of Still Hustlin (HAVE A SNACK mix) by Shadowmusic Productions
nice one dude...u wanna check my rmx of 'still hustlin'?... peace.
Fri, May 12 10:43 AM vincent_vega11 review of Still Hustlin [R][E][M][I][X] by DaMo
i remindes me on 'fight club' and the dust brothers...check my rmx of ...
Fri, May 12 10:40 AM vincent_vega11 review of Still Hustlin' (HC-7 mix) by HC-7
very nice the strings...check my fmx of 'still hustlin'... peace
Fri, May 12 10:12 AM gurdonark review of Yage Camera - Travelin'Mix by Audio Morphology
Rich, vivid, evocative mix with effective use of found sounds.
Fri, May 12 6:20 AM UFO Dance review of Fort Minor (PBBremix) instrumental by DJ Polar Bear
Very Smooth, like it. Meant to hit 5 but mouse missed.
Fri, May 12 6:06 AM shagrugge review of Still_Hustlin_feat_G._Wills (vincent_vega rmx) by vincent_vega11
One of my new favorite mixes here. I'm diggin the old skool vibe to it. Is that ...
Thu, May 11 11:38 PM mortoray review of Now is The Right Time (The Only Time) by PorchCat
Some mixing ideas for the growls: 1. Expand the echo a bit, I usually use a ver...
Thu, May 11 7:33 PM DJ Polar Bear review of Carnival by UFO Dance
Thu, May 11 5:28 PM PorchCat review of Shaggin by MC Jack in the Box
Very excellant mix! I love the way you put the samples to use. I wasn't sure wha...
Thu, May 11 5:22 PM PorchCat review of Thus Spake Jack by lo tag blanco
*looks around for his hat and pimpstick* Nice. I feel like I should be hanging o...
Thu, May 11 5:20 PM PorchCat review of Nautilus (deep sea anchor mix) by shagrugge
Great work! Thank you so much for joing in the SecretMixter again. This is a won...
Thu, May 11 5:15 PM PorchCat review of Ambience in Gurdonark's mind (cdk's secret mix) by Analog By Nature
It's amazing how well this all hangs together! Great stuff! Hmmm, you and teru b...
Thu, May 11 2:38 PM KCentric review of My Name is teru and I'll be Your Tour Guide Today by teru
teru!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! GENIUS... kudos dude
Thu, May 11 12:40 PM Mike Linksvayer review of Virtual Freak by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
This is one that will get stuck in your head for days if played more than once.
Thu, May 11 11:48 AM tazzista the tenias review of Being there melody pad by Clive Mollart
great job!!! I m working with it... pleasure
Thu, May 11 3:08 AM Kevin_Spencer review of Insane Fusion by djay_dave
The idea is soooooooooo good, but in my opinion it needs a stronger BassDrum to ...
Wed, May 10 11:26 PM CnEY?! review of [Kojido's Lower Level] Remember the Name Remix by Ed_Kojido
I just listened to all of your entries, and this is also most likely my favorite...
Wed, May 10 10:29 PM Ms.Vybe review of Good and Bad (Ft. MsVybe) by PorchCat
I love it, thank u!!!
Wed, May 10 10:26 PM Ms.Vybe review of Virtual Freak by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Again, man, that's hot as fish grease. Please know it's nothin to give u a longe...
Wed, May 10 8:13 PM shagrugge review of Envie de Rein (Limp Remix) 3v (final!) by Kevin_Spencer
I like how you treated the vocals on this. I'm not usually a big fan of heavy gu...
Wed, May 10 8:00 PM Tone Matrix review of [Kojido's Ridiculous] Remember the Name Remix by Ed_Kojido
nice remix, i dont see how it's too trancey, but I definitely like the bass line...