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Reviews left by sunbyrn

Wed, May 11 7:13 AM sunbyrn review of Double Dutch ( The Hip Rock Remix ) by J.Lang
Thank you. This has a cool feel to it, AND you synced the lyrics nicely to the...
Tue, May 10 12:36 PM sunbyrn review of Copy Wrong by Shoes
Simply amazing. Go for yours...
Tue, May 10 11:59 AM sunbyrn review of Language of My Reality by Tomas PhUsIoN
Tight production. Excellent work with the vocals here.
Sun, May 8 11:45 PM sunbyrn review of Gdzie byłbym teraz - Krzywy (beat. Wuszu) by wuszu
I'm liking the production I'm hearing from you so far.
Sun, May 8 11:42 PM sunbyrn review of Od ciebie zależy - Wuszu feat.Masia (beat.Wuszu) by wuszu
I think is going in the right direction. The track is great...Is it a chopped s...
Sun, May 8 9:54 PM sunbyrn review of Blood Ties by Cezary Ostrowski
This took a minute to figure out for me. The first time I heard it was about a ...
Sun, May 8 9:29 PM sunbyrn review of Remain (Zero Mix) by Aamu
If I didn't know, I would have guessed that this was the original version. I th...
Sun, May 8 9:22 PM sunbyrn review of Say by Aamu
I like this.
Sun, May 8 8:04 AM sunbyrn review of Just Like Me by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
This is so cool.
Sat, May 7 7:12 PM sunbyrn review of ANGEL FACE (2) by ASHWAN
A nice blend of various music styles,, yet it's sonically uniform. Smells like ...
Sat, May 7 7:05 PM sunbyrn review of Baby by MarcoRaaphorst
This is about as cool as they get. Some of the sounds remind me of Twerk.
Sat, May 7 6:32 PM sunbyrn review of Last American Haiku by Ghiroma
In a class by itself. excellent arrangement.
Sat, May 7 6:11 PM sunbyrn review of Good Dream by Lucas Gonze
Although I'd be curious to hear what others may do with this piece, I kind of l...
Sat, May 7 5:14 PM sunbyrn review of Slither Me Timbres (I HATE U BITCH edition) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
wow I STILL have not been able to pick up my jaw from the floor... AND, beli...
Sat, May 7 2:55 PM sunbyrn review of Funky Dunky (FuDu Edition) by teru
DAMN! This got so much groove to it it's sick. So simple yet full of so much em...