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Reviews left by Subliminal

Mon, Oct 10 8:41 AM Subliminal review of You Don't Get In Touch Anymore(Instrumental) by Alex
A top-notch production. Foot-tappingly infectious.
Sun, Oct 9 11:00 AM Subliminal review of Miracles by magmavander
Computers can be a pain... But this sounds pretty damn good for something tha...
Sun, Oct 2 9:35 PM Subliminal review of Holiday Funky Blues by Alex
The Holidays are starting early in Belgium. ;-) A great and fun remix full of...
Thu, Sep 22 10:17 AM Subliminal review of Codebreaking by Mana Junkie
Always good to hear Joe. Especially in such a fine remix.
Thu, Sep 22 10:12 AM Subliminal review of Give it away by Siobhan Dakay
Is there such a thing as a "headphone mix" excuse? Your mix sounds great on head...
Wed, Sep 21 11:03 AM Subliminal review of WakeUp WakeUp (From The American Dream) by Speck
It's beyond cool.
Wed, Sep 21 10:35 AM Subliminal review of Finger to Blame (the wall) by Scomber
A quality remix, Mr. Scomber. Is there some hidden meaning behind the bpm? ;...
Fri, Sep 9 10:32 PM Subliminal review of Midnight Sunshine by reiswerk
It makes the head bob indeed...and more. I'll add a to TRF's.
Fri, Sep 9 10:25 PM Subliminal review of Journey by logos
Great atmosphere. Could have gone on for a bit longer. Nice.
Fri, Jul 15 11:12 AM Subliminal review of Partners In Crime by Zep Hurme
Some seriously good stuff here.
Fri, Jul 15 11:03 AM Subliminal review of Turbo Tornado by Admiral Bob
You put a smile on my face.
Sat, Jun 11 9:55 AM Subliminal review of Worth It Then And Now by Speck
Yep, great stuff indeed.
Wed, Apr 8 11:59 AM Subliminal review of Broken (Found Hope Remix) by Doxent Zsigmond
Sounds pretty damn good. A very nice bassline as well. Thanks for remixing us.
Fri, Nov 16 11:09 PM Subliminal review of Breathe the Sun by SackJo22
A most splendid piece. I once used similar sounds on an album I did years ago. V...
Wed, Nov 14 12:13 PM Subliminal review of The Path by onlymeith
Thank you for using my samples, twice. I like both, but this one is definitely m...