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Blue Dot

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FeaturingCarl Sagan, Kara Square, ElRon XChile, Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla, Good Humor, Javolenus, offlinebouncer, Vibhu Tewary, Robert Warrington, robertwalker poet
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We decided, based on the Constellation theme and surprising number of millennials who do not know Carl Sagan, to remember Carl Sagan with audio enveloped with samples and words from our secret victim, Kara Square, and TRF dialogue.

We focused on victimizing Kara’s instrumental samples and stems, Carl Sagan (reminiscing and looking for extraterrestrial life), earth as a Blue Dot and the Reflurbrocrat Federation (extraterrestial life).

The rocking metal Kara guitar passages use a piece of Bad Weather Friends nylon guitar reamped as a metal rock guitar and, routed in parallel as MIDI notes to both a Slayer 2 guitar plugin set to metal rock and a Boo Bass plugin run through Amplitube 4 set to Big Dirt bass. Added a few ElRon guitar notes in the fourth metal passage for color. Added Electronico synth noodling to first passage of the the intro because mash ups are great for self-indulgent noodling.

Ukuambient Noise and Copacetic pieces were selected as backing material for the BBC Radio dialogue and a Carl Sagan Commencement Address (1990) dialogue. Ukuambient Noise was doubled in two 18 bar sections with one track lightly mangled by glitch plugin, Gross Beat.

The outro begins with Kara’s ticking clock, her site_promo slightly victimized by Carl Sagan, and some light noodling using a naked piece of Kara’s Bad Weather Friends nylon guitar and Shanty by the Sea harmonica and uke. The outro continues with a repetition of the intro metal guitar riffs followed by TRF signing off to go to a Reflurbrocrat Federation gig.

The Blue Dot choir is comprised of bun_onoe, Javolenus, vibs, robertwalker poet, offlinebouncer and Robert Warrington on “blue” and Kara, PatChilla and Carl Sagan on “dot”. Couple words from Kara’s Somewhere Out There were used to set up Carl Sagan’s “blue dot.” TRF Transition 3000 dialogue was mangled to bookend the remix and provide honorable mention to extraterrestrials.

(1) Carl Sagan Commencement Address by Carl Sagan, Published 1990, Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0.
(2) Carl Sagan - A personal Voyage by BBC Radio, Usage CC0 1.0 Universal

Citation :
(1) de Cordova, Fred (Producer) (1980). Tonight Show Carl Sagan (Cosmos) Parody by Johnny Carson. Unites States: NBC Productions with Carson Productions. Carson Entertainment Group reports control of licensing rights to The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The 5 seconds of audio used in the CC BY NC 3.0 licensed “Blue Dot” remix is cited as a nonprofit scholarly reference to substantiate Sagan’s claim that Johnny Carson started and propelled the notion that Sagan said “billions and billions.”

"Blue Dot"
by texasradiofish

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Editorial pick

Texasradiofish once again pushes creative boundaries with extraordinary skill. Riffing on the constellations theme of this recent secret mixter event, Texasradiofish masterfully works with material from Kara Square and Carl Sagan to bring you a uniquely entertaining lesson on the cosmos.