Quintessential Solstice Event

Reviews left by sparky

Sun, Jun 5 8:41 AM sparky review of Pollinators by Snowflake
Lovely combination of music and harmonies. Such a clean and direct sound to the ...
Sun, Jun 5 8:27 AM sparky review of Miracles (Doped) by 7OOP3D
Very slick groove. I'd never have guessed it was assembled from so many donor pa...
Sun, Jun 5 2:14 AM sparky review of Ethereal groove remix by Brylie Christopher Oxley
Thanks for the great remix! I love the spacey feel to the track 👍
Sun, Feb 27 1:44 AM sparky review of Life Goes On (Imaginal Cell secret mix) by Rewob
Great sounding mix and very cohesive result from so many sources :)
Sun, Feb 27 1:36 AM sparky review of Strange World by Darkroom
Bags of atmos in this one. Very nicely done!
Sun, Feb 27 1:23 AM sparky review of It's complicated by musikpirat
I love what you did with this! Also great to see the story of how you did it :) ...
Wed, Feb 2 5:42 AM sparky review of The Noisy Brush by Radioontheshelf
Nicely done! The clown part of the lyric reminded me of my favourite Bowie anecd...
Tue, Dec 28 1:32 AM sparky review of Shimmer (The Light) by SackJo22
Nice groove and love the harmonies
Sun, Dec 5 10:38 AM sparky review of bluenotes by airtone
Tastefully done 👌
Sun, Nov 14 8:58 AM sparky review of Too Broken by AndrewMuecke
Very nice. Reminds me of Jah Wobble (one of the best gigs I’ve been to)
Sat, Nov 13 5:37 AM sparky review of A ilusão do Rap (An Illusion of Rap) by texasradiofish
Very nice groove and slick sounding production.
Fri, Nov 12 11:55 AM sparky review of alone in my capsule by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Only just found this remix- fantastic job, Martin! Love what you’ve done with ...