Quintessential Solstice Event

Reviews left by soundtails

Fri, Mar 26 10:33 PM soundtails review of All Alone (Instrumental) by Jeris
Imagine if one could not hear we are lucky. This moved me it did not take words.
Wed, Mar 3 4:03 AM soundtails review of Broken Boogie by Speck
Im ridin the John Coltrane like here very nice.
Tue, Mar 2 3:38 PM soundtails review of Holding Tighter Acapella by WolfFly
In my opinion in the States of America a movement called and organization called...
Tue, Mar 2 3:32 PM soundtails review of We Die (Can you feel me ) by Loveshadow
Beautiful hopefully I will get my wish to die peacefully alone. "The belief ...
Tue, Mar 2 3:12 PM soundtails review of Venom Acapella by WolfFly
Beautiful one of my track with this I never realised I was to busy pushing it to...
Tue, Mar 2 3:03 PM soundtails review of One Love, One People, One Blood by texasradiofish
I hope peps can focus more their overall health, stress can kill also. Covid, a...
Tue, Mar 2 2:31 PM soundtails review of Be That Star by Apoxode
Very nice, a heads up I downloaded Madtracker that use the latest version and us...
Thu, Feb 25 5:12 AM soundtails review of Find A Reason (Tryin' 2) - DEMO by Songboy3
I rem this Sung well so many reasons more then 4 seasons and > luck. Some still...
Thu, Feb 25 3:40 AM soundtails review of I will fly by Loveshadow
Beautiful A majestic like instrumental for Earth Days.
Thu, Feb 25 3:25 AM soundtails review of Stay Calm by Loveshadow
Beautiful for some reason im thinking how could we make this in a universal bina...
Thu, Feb 25 2:42 AM soundtails review of Galactic Raga by Darkroom
Dreamy Makam like floating in the Galaxy
Thu, Feb 25 2:20 AM soundtails review of Tortured Love by Radioontheshelf
Never knew the strings came from them, it took 8 yrs to learn babies were not de...