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Sun, May 31 10:56 PM soundtails review of A Chance For Change by Speck
Sweet Hypnotic
Sun, May 31 10:04 PM soundtails review of Thank You to the Virus (Synth Mix) by Apoxode
Nice mix of
Sun, May 31 10:03 PM soundtails review of Thank You to the Virus by Patronski
For me its different their no longer living either is the virus its inert tell i...
Sun, May 31 1:20 AM soundtails review of Making Friends by mwic
we seek difference to use or draw on? human nature or matrix "head games" like w...
Sun, May 31 1:15 AM soundtails review of Transmutate by Snowflake
Hopefully they will have time to play the game. Its only human nature to hype re...
Sun, May 31 12:54 AM soundtails review of I will fly by Loveshadow
Wow but do not let this fool your seek without memorize this so playback is with...
Sat, May 30 11:54 PM soundtails review of The night train by Kraftamt
Smooth Jazz that stefsax sets the night!
Sun, May 24 9:02 PM soundtails review of Victory by texasradiofish
Victory to the Children they can play outside without fears. Covid-19 does not d...
Sun, May 24 6:54 PM soundtails review of What Are You Doing Here by Speck
Oh creative lifes on wait learn and move
Fri, May 22 10:59 PM soundtails review of Guitars from "Change" by Ezra Skull
I admit I have to private message its rare Earth and rainfall with Brian Sundhol...
Fri, May 22 10:47 PM soundtails review of Stay Calm by SackJo22
anyone have what they do not get from the ground and put in their cars and is ma...
Fri, May 22 10:38 PM soundtails review of Blasting Holes In The Atmosphere by Subliminal
Can we expect logic in music? especially when the sound overpowers the words? I ...
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