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Thu, Feb 25 2:42 AM soundtails review of Galactic Raga by Darkroom
Dreamy Makam like floating in the Galaxy
Thu, Feb 25 2:20 AM soundtails review of Tortured Love by Radioontheshelf
Never knew the strings came from them, it took 8 yrs to learn babies were not de...
Wed, Feb 24 11:55 PM soundtails review of Three hand piano boogie by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice, I could always use another hand.
Wed, Feb 24 11:28 PM soundtails review of Magig Clock by Stefan Kartenberg
of the Polar Vortex in the Pandemic, I sure miss one of my Native Instruments a...
Wed, Feb 24 11:16 PM soundtails review of Deep in the Woods by Apoxode
Trigger: I rem being with FS in the early days, I got called out, I was honest a...
Wed, Feb 24 10:29 PM soundtails review of Lost My Everything by Speck
One good thing will not know when we loose everything, some people on their deat...
Mon, Feb 15 1:38 AM soundtails review of January 6 by Mr_Yesterday
Very Good yep it disturbed me still does, and his rally's they say lead to 700 d...
Mon, Feb 15 1:00 AM soundtails review of Firefly by Snowflake
Beautiful in my book should be on the Radio! back in Sept, I was out watching t...
Mon, Feb 15 12:41 AM soundtails review of Trashpasser blue jazz by Stefan Kartenberg
Very Nice RIP Chick Corea
Mon, Feb 15 12:37 AM soundtails review of Waiting For The World To End by septahelix
Not planning on waiting I busted my tails on Mirror Neurons.
Mon, Feb 15 12:26 AM soundtails review of 23:55 on the Disco Doomsday Clock by ScOmBer
Like this I'm clocked in
Wed, Feb 10 11:43 PM soundtails review of Gotta Go (feat Snowflake) by Patronski
Approve of this message and this Unity of Artists for the Sanctity of Peace. Gro...
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