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January 6

uploaded: Thu, Jan 7, 2021 @ 5:33 PM last modified: Thu, Jan 7, 2021 @ 5:40 PM  (add)
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Thanks, Stefan, for providing your tune as the vehicle for me to dash this off. Strange day yesterday here in the States, one for the history books, and I needed to get this set to music. Just right (well, I sped it up just a bit)!

Mix is (cc)BY-NC and fully attributed in file metadata comments, but I haven’t checked to see how universally readable those tags are.

Lyrics alone (cc)BY 2021 D A Ayer
It’s been a miserable day, although shorter
than the long and lonely night
at this darkest end of four long, dark years
of sickness, lies, and blight.
Tomorrow I’ll look out my window,
check the weather, then the street,
and choose which boots to wear on these,
my tired and aching feet.

Morning’s not for celebration
when the planting’s just begun;
or the starting shot has just been fired
in a race that’s not yet run;
and the signs ahead suggest there’ll be
some hazards on the way.
We’ll have to relearn how to trust
to make it through this day.

‘Cause it’s a long, long road we’re walkin’
but we’ve started down the track
to get to solid ground again
and take this country back.

There’s no guarantee we’ll do it
to be frankly realistic,
but if you ask me how I feel tonight
I’m cautiously optimistic.
This America’s been a nightmare;
Truth has hung her head to cry;
yet I hope to say I’m a proud again
just once before I die.

‘Cause it’s a long, long road we’re walkin’
and it starts right here.

"January 6"
by Mr_Yesterday

2021 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Inspirational protest song with a timely message. Collaborating with Stefan Kartenberg’s “Ein Lied,” Mr_Yesterday gives voice to those of us in need of hope and inspiration. Well written and well produced, this is an anthem for the present day.


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