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Mon, Jul 20 8:33 PM soundtails review of Blue Suburbanite by Speck
I was in behave mode then. Behave: Robert Sapolsky Broken Bankrupt and Dy...
Mon, Jul 20 8:23 PM soundtails review of forgottenland by airtone
Im playing like my Father did on golf, he did some tunes but was a master on oth...
Mon, Jul 13 8:39 AM soundtails review of Make Reality by Speck
I'm almost sure I lived around 80% of my waking life in reality it's really been...
Sat, Jul 11 9:07 PM soundtails review of Count On Me by Zep Hurme
This Good Groove, We have to get back to that Rhythm Nation. That's the way love...
Tue, Jun 30 2:14 AM soundtails review of Skin And Texture Flesh And Bone by Radioontheshelf
Reach out in the darkness! I live to long to pass the days. I do other work plus...
Tue, Jun 30 1:58 AM soundtails review of Love is my Road (Back to You) by Siobhan Dakay
why am I being reminded of a Crosby Stills Nash song called Cathedral?
Sun, Jun 28 2:48 AM soundtails review of The Silent Fields by Radioontheshelf
it takes drastic measures I admit _uck them I plant stink them out.
Sun, Jun 28 2:43 AM soundtails review of I Am a Man by SackJo22
Sure in the interest of Science
Sun, Jun 28 2:38 AM soundtails review of I Will Not Look Away by Speck
as far as special interest i am lost. I admit to the national alcohol.
Sat, Jun 27 1:25 AM soundtails review of Perfect Storm - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Its rocking all the challenges!! wow.
Sat, Jun 27 12:48 AM soundtails review of Break the Silence by Snowflake
Very Moving. VP Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota said in the early 70s that the C...
Mon, Jun 22 1:09 PM soundtails review of I'm Fine by narva9
In my opinion this is like what Carl Sagan did for Science. I hope you left note...
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