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Break the Silence

uploaded: Mon, Jun 22, 2020 @ 1:15 PM last modified: Mon, Jun 22, 2020 @ 2:16 PM  (replace)
Featuringacrylicbathhouse, 7OOP3D
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It is difficult to explain why George’s Floyd’s murder ripped open something so deeply rooted in my heart (as it seemed to for many). Perhaps it was a tipping point for a new awareness on a global scale? As for myself, I’m earnestly reading, watching and listening to learn about aspects of racism that I’ve never dared looked at before. I yearn to be part of a just and compassionate change in consciousness, and I’m learning how to be bravely anti-racist, because staying quiet isn’t ok anymore. I had one of those very difficult conversations with a family member on Juneteenth — it required incredible patience to lovingly shine a confident light on racial ideals that only bring about inequality. I will no longer remain silent in the face of racism.

The first time I heard Full Moon Bathtub it stirred me. This melody and lyric was evoked by acrylicbathhouse’s artfully inspiring stems.

Most of the music in this track is his. I did some cutting, pasting, extending, reversing, stuttering, flanging and other treatment — which was quite enjoyable given the high quality of the source material. I added some acoustic and digital piano for both bass and melodic emphasis, as well as some strings for continuity and weight.

There is a small dash of a bass warp that I cut up from 7OOP3D in the 2nd verse.

We’re up in the mountains so this is a headphones mix (there are no good speakers anywhere to be found!) — so if the kick drum, bass warp and piano bass are too loud and muddy, please let me know. I have no ears!

May our music break the silence in ways that make the truth easier to understand, so that we can all be part of this much needed change.


Break the Silence
by Madam Snowflake

Heavy with Shame
Taking the blame
Looking it in the face

A race for a race
Displaced, enslaved, segregated
By sick, illogical hate
Now we atone for this disgrace

I feel shame
Now I see your pain
Now I see your pain
I feel shame

A nation stained by its fathers
We are its sons and its daughters
This sin weighs upon our shoulders
Because it never really changed
Because it never really changed

I feel shame
I am ashamed
I am ashamed
I am ashamed
I am ashamed

Break the silence
Break the silence
Break the silence
Reparations must be paid
Break the silence
White silence is violence
So break the silence (speak up, speak up)
And change (enough is enough, enough is enough)

I reach to you my brothers
Your children and your lovers
Respect for one another
Will bind our hearts together
I stand with you
And I will not look away

"Break the Silence"
by Snowflake

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Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Powerful and touching. Madam Snowflake gives us a deep message about the world in which we live in. She gives us hope about the possibility of change. With samples from 700P3D and Acrylicbathhouse.
Break the Silence and be the change.