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Mon, Nov 25 5:53 AM soundtails review of Skyline Mix by Lasswell
Still beautiful in 2019 came across on my drive ignited my ram got a struggle. T...
Thu, Nov 21 11:49 PM soundtails review of New Life by Fireproof_Babies
FB sure miss ya we were so busy!
Thu, Nov 21 11:45 PM soundtails review of Take Care Of Eachother by My Free Mickey
Sound can say many words!! Unite!
Thu, Nov 21 11:32 PM soundtails review of Dont Stop ! ( Da Booty Shaker ) by RizKeyG
I can relate grew up with Disco! and hard labor!!
Thu, Nov 21 11:16 PM soundtails review of Wake Up America by Whitewolf
Right On! Is up to the younger gen now..I worked 23 hrs straight in 2000 electio...
Thu, Nov 21 11:08 PM soundtails review of A True Connection by Rewob
Thu, Nov 21 10:22 PM soundtails review of You Were You by Kara Square
We all share the same thing when it comes to loss for sure...I miss my Daughter ...
Thu, Nov 21 10:14 PM soundtails review of What Are You Conserving by Speck
Sweet Its not money for sure! I gave up my car years ago (mistake). All I wanted...
Thu, Oct 17 2:15 AM soundtails review of I Go Out by Loveshadow
Good groove/vocals rems me "Turn on, tune in, drop out" - Timothy Leary.
Thu, Oct 17 2:04 AM soundtails review of Freedom by MissJudged
Agree religions mislead people and the Universe is a big place Value your Planet...
Thu, Oct 3 10:13 PM soundtails review of Not Taking The Bait by Speck
Well said and composed.
Wed, Oct 2 11:06 PM soundtails review of Tiny Spaceships by Hans Atom
Matrix no need for fossil fuels, labels, or egos. Very cool!
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