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Mon, Aug 19 8:30 PM soundtails review of Dome #99 by @nop
The Mothership connection funky as Parliament Psychedelic Funk, Pure Funk, or CC...
Mon, Aug 19 3:12 AM soundtails review of These Tears (Sadness) cont... by mykleanthony
Hook .001 wow my chip wont shut oh well
Mon, Aug 19 2:47 AM soundtails review of yellow by cyba
Funky EDM Techno and what a filtered Rhodes like..good for bike rides or kayak a...
Mon, Aug 19 2:38 AM soundtails review of mandolin chinese (moscardo remix) by moscardo
actully blows me away to see this is at 48kbs the Mandolin/Pads/Basslines sounds...
Mon, Aug 19 2:26 AM soundtails review of Feeling restless in Toronto by martinsea
I hear ya some us are here to....they gave up camping and I gave up my car. Funk...
Mon, Aug 19 2:13 AM soundtails review of March Of The Toy Robots II by Speck
I swear on my Daw and guitar i did not seen any uploads until now...yep I tweeke...
Sun, Aug 18 12:15 AM soundtails review of Border Ballad by Javolenus
Journey in Sounds and Cause\Support.
Sat, Aug 17 11:53 PM soundtails review of Rock, Purple, Wizards by texasradiofish
Motivational Moving! well worth a ccplus ELO,ZZ and Prince no one horde this on ...
Fri, Aug 16 11:44 AM soundtails review of The MeSSage by Loveshadow
I still rem and like this, and I'm Still in disbelief
Thu, Aug 15 11:52 PM soundtails review of Soft Capitalism by shimoda
So lovely is the pond....
Thu, Aug 15 9:45 PM soundtails review of Breathe (Travel Light) by Snowflake
Very Sound Chill Collaboration!
Fri, Aug 9 9:19 PM soundtails review of Didn't We Have Fun by Speck
only if one is wired naturally!
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