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Reviews left by radiotimes

Sat, Sep 19 8:44 AM radiotimes review of Here They Come Again by Siobhan Dakay
Lovely sounds that gently sooth the soul
Sat, Sep 19 8:36 AM radiotimes review of What Kind Of Man? by RustyJack
Powerful stuff and a pretty classy act!
Sat, Sep 12 3:40 AM radiotimes review of Thank You by Admiral Bob
As always not just well played but so full of emotion. Thank You!
Sat, Sep 12 2:53 AM radiotimes review of Stay by unreal_dm
It's a given that your mixes are always top notch but the production and playing...
Sun, Aug 30 9:23 AM radiotimes review of Come Back to Me by texasradiofish
Fantastic mix with Songboys great vocal sitting perfectly amongst the samples. ...
Sun, Aug 30 9:07 AM radiotimes review of First Class Ticket by unreal_dm
As Paul would say "Baby I'm amazed". Great track for the wonderful vocals of ...
Sun, Aug 30 7:07 AM radiotimes review of Idea by Admiral Bob
If lost then you must be in the enchanted forest! Great work.
Sat, Aug 22 10:35 AM radiotimes review of Long Day In the Sun by Loveshadow
Ah I can see you're getting hooked again on the old CCM hookah pipe!!
Sat, Aug 22 10:17 AM radiotimes review of Used To Be MY Heart by Loveshadow
Ah yes wonderful use of the pella. A truly smooth ride through the 12 tones.
Sat, Aug 22 10:13 AM radiotimes review of Keep on Fighting by unreal_dm
Having used this pella I can understand the emotion created in your great backin...
Sat, Aug 22 10:00 AM radiotimes review of Twenty Five by Admiral Bob
Great balance between the melody and the vocals.
Sun, Aug 16 10:08 AM radiotimes review of Light of Humanity (World must be healing) by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
Toe tapping head bobbing stuff that's done so very well.
Sun, Aug 16 10:02 AM radiotimes review of Funk 'n' Jazz by texasradiofish
Great work as usual with some fine production skills shining through and wonderf...
Fri, Aug 14 12:08 PM radiotimes review of Bound By One by Loveshadow
I hate to do this to you as I know you put your heart and soul into it but this ...
Sat, Aug 8 12:53 PM radiotimes review of Map by Speck
I have said it before in my other disguise that I use when visiting CCM (Shelfli...