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Reviews left by radiotimes

Sun, Aug 16 10:02 AM radiotimes review of Funk 'n' Jazz by texasradiofish
Great work as usual with some fine production skills shining through and wonderf...
Fri, Aug 14 12:08 PM radiotimes review of Bound By One by Loveshadow
I hate to do this to you as I know you put your heart and soul into it but this ...
Sat, Aug 8 12:53 PM radiotimes review of Map by Speck
I have said it before in my other disguise that I use when visiting CCM (Shelfli...
Sat, Aug 8 12:40 PM radiotimes review of Lightning Strikes Twice soft mix by Stefan Kartenberg
Only listened to this one but it sounds great. Technically and musically perfec...
Sat, Aug 8 12:36 PM radiotimes review of Beautiful Mystery by copperhead
To have caught a bus to the tattoo shop and then come upon this mystery is what ...
Sat, Aug 8 12:30 PM radiotimes review of Lightning Strikes Twice by unreal_dm
If I had found your work in my younger days of trawling through record shops I w...
Sat, Aug 8 12:23 PM radiotimes review of The Stone That Used To Be My Heart (two) by Siobhan Dakay
Great treatment of the vocal by mixing it with this wonderful backing track.
Fri, Sep 19 1:55 AM radiotimes review of We are Electric (A Sexy Dubstep) by SackJo22
Everything I said about Specks mix I confer on you! Wild but wonderful.
Fri, Sep 19 1:53 AM radiotimes review of Why Did I Fall For You by copperhead
Fri, Sep 19 1:52 AM radiotimes review of Diggin' That Hole by Speck
I hate this sort of music it is so unsettling yet you can't stop listening. Y...
Fri, Sep 19 1:49 AM radiotimes review of Homesick (Keymix) by keytronic
Smoothly done and a welcome sound for the hungry ear!
Tue, Aug 19 8:55 PM radiotimes review of Jazz on Redial by ScOmBer
Good to see you're still here making fine music
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