Deep Roots Remix Event

Reviews left by radiotimes

Mon, Sep 17 10:56 PM radiotimes review of Heart of the Swamp by Admiral Bob
Well I don't know who was not able to remix me but whoever it was I would like t...
Sun, Sep 16 6:25 PM radiotimes review of Living next door to Alex by rocavaco
Great change of pace in this very classy mix
Sun, Sep 16 5:53 PM radiotimes review of Good Company by copperhead
Glad to see you took this Secret Mixter thing seriously! A traditional theme ...
Sun, Sep 16 5:36 PM radiotimes review of Airtone AmpTest by TheDICE
Got everything to make a nice mix and for most this upload would be good enough ...
Sun, Sep 16 5:19 PM radiotimes review of Let's Have Safe Sex (improved Real Woman Mix) by robwalkerpoet
Great idea and very well executed. All the one eyed carrots salute you!!
Sat, Sep 15 3:30 AM radiotimes review of Dust from the Stars - Vocals + Loops by Team Smile and Nod
Original and musical as always with beautiful vocals
Sat, Sep 15 3:29 AM radiotimes review of 35 years Multi Track Drums by copperhead
Thanks for sharing and taking the time to upload the separate stems.
Sat, Sep 15 3:21 AM radiotimes review of Aura Bass by AT
Love that bass! Not sure about the drums! Whatever I think it needs a good R...
Sat, Sep 15 2:37 AM radiotimes review of I Want To Love You (Folk Club Mix) by Javolenus
I'm glad you did it like this leaving so much space. I would have been tempted t...
Thu, Sep 13 5:34 PM radiotimes review of Island by L_Cooper
Lovely vocal tones. It would be nice if you could share some more!
Thu, Sep 13 5:08 PM radiotimes review of Officer Down by Loveshadow
You've really made Ciggi sound super smooth ( not that I think you're a bit of r...
Thu, Sep 13 5:57 AM radiotimes review of Could Be by Jeris
Great combinations that work really well. I like your taste in guitar music a...
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