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Tue, Nov 13 4:54 PM radiotimes review of Guitar to Play Guitar To by Super_Sigil
Great mixing! Wonderful blend of samples that fit together perfectly.
Tue, Nov 13 4:50 PM radiotimes review of Alea Jacta Est by Javolenus
Great tones with those guitars fitting into the mix perfectly.
Tue, Nov 13 4:36 PM radiotimes review of The Pressure ( Moroder 77 Mix ) by Loveshadow
Arpeggiated six pack!!
Tue, Nov 13 4:33 PM radiotimes review of The Pressure ( Blackjay UK Project Mix ) by Loveshadow
It seems from your recent avatars that you could be going through a mid life cri...
Tue, Nov 13 4:27 PM radiotimes review of So Little Time by Steven M Bryant
Your voice suits this sort of song beautifully and has overtones of a more subdu...
Tue, Nov 13 4:18 PM radiotimes review of Baby Bird by Zep Hurme
Definitely got the PG vibe just needed a bit of Tony on the Chapman stick! Gr...
Sat, Nov 10 6:09 PM radiotimes review of Little scene of grief and dream feat greg baumont by Wired Ant
Great vibe that really gets to you.
Sat, Nov 10 5:59 PM radiotimes review of Light Me On Fire by Zep Hurme
Great production! Not sure how many were involved in this but it has that fee...
Sat, Nov 10 5:47 PM radiotimes review of Deeper Nights Deeper Dreams by SackJo22
This is a fine song and kudos for asking for help on the engineering. Your pr...
Thu, Nov 8 4:23 PM radiotimes review of Reap The Harvest With Me by Zep Hurme
Second time I've listened to this vocal this morning and like before it's a well...
Thu, Nov 8 4:10 PM radiotimes review of Stay And Rip The Harvest With Me - Antiqcool (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Punchy mix with the vocal sitting perfectly in the middle of it all. Kept rem...
Thu, Nov 8 4:03 PM radiotimes review of These Years by AudioCave
Nice poppy feel that rests easy on the ears. I would have liked some more dyn...
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