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Twenty Five

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byAdmiral Bob
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A song. Key of C.

Rough around the edges because the whole thing was recorded into a laptop, and the vocals just went into the laptop’s onboard mic.

Twenty Five

I don’t know if I got words
But I’ll put it to words just to
Just to let you know that
25, 25 isn’t magic, its love
and love is more than magic
its truth, the truest part of ourselves
When we draw on each other
I can see, I can see you’re my lover
The one who sees into me like no one before
Opening doors into pieces of me I never knew could exist
You’re reaching in, reaching in to my soul
You keep making me whole in newer ways than before
And if I wanted you more I could explode
Never leaving this mode, I wanna shine from my heart
I want to carry you far, far away
like an ultra distant star shining bright from afar
I wanna bring you my love, a love you deserve
and now I must keep my word and be like never before
learn to give you more, more of who I should be
the man you make me wanna be, the man who came to believe
That you were write on my heart, from the rise of the sun
to the next day’s dawn, I wanna become, I wanna become, yeah I wanna become

"Twenty Five"
by Admiral Bob

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