Holiday Funk & Blues Event

Reviews left by plurgid

Thu, Nov 15 9:28 AM plurgid review of Shorty I Caught You-The Diry Water Mix by J.Lang
Just WOW Always tight n' clean n' fresh ... ready for the radio ... and th...
Thu, Nov 15 9:22 AM plurgid review of "Que Pena" - Funk'n'feeling accoustic remix by The.Spirit.Of.Light
whoa, that's great stuff. look forward to hearing more!
Thu, Nov 15 9:10 AM plurgid review of Got To Rock (Post It) by Abhi S.V.
WORD UP! welcome back. Yeah ... this is bangin, dude!
Thu, Nov 15 8:52 AM plurgid review of I like it like That(s.thaens) by stefsax
Wed, Nov 7 9:19 AM plurgid review of Magia jíbara by Sr. Privado
Wow, wow, wow ... I love the guitar work, and who'd have thought those two st...
Wed, Nov 7 8:59 AM plurgid review of what we came to do by deaddragoncarcass
deceptively simple instrumentation. minimalist, and direct ... pretty too. n...
Wed, Nov 7 8:52 AM plurgid review of Loose by gerald
WOW ... this is TIGHT! This just needs some verses on it
Wed, Nov 7 8:40 AM plurgid review of Smooth Session by _ghost
Nice ... I really dig the electronic experimental vibe on these lyrics. Cool one...
Wed, Nov 7 8:21 AM plurgid review of Magic By Songboy3 (Tapsa's Gtr Mix) by Tapsa
that's a funky guitar, bro! this is huge ... obviously, it's a different styl...
Wed, Nov 7 7:45 AM plurgid review of Dirge for Two Veterans by gurdonark
That vocal is really really well recorded, and the speaker has that perfect low ...
Wed, Nov 7 7:36 AM plurgid review of At This Place by Darkroom
yeah, this is really nice. cool synth stuff.
Wed, Nov 7 7:28 AM plurgid review of November Unplugged ( Remix ) by Loveshadow
Holy crap! Intimacy .. it's just perfect, I feel like CG is in my living room...
Sat, Nov 3 11:29 PM plurgid review of beeKoo mix by Lasswell
WOW, WOW, WOW ... It's so crispy clean! I love it!
Tue, Oct 30 12:18 PM plurgid review of Not Like That-Collaboration Mix by TheJoe
Wow ... seriously nice instrumental. CDK's right about the vox, but that's proba...
Sun, Oct 28 8:38 AM plurgid review of be cool by FORENSIC
Damn Right! this is a hot vocal, man ... I can't wait to see what the crew here ...