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Reviews left by mykleanthony

Wed, Nov 4 11:15 AM mykleanthony review of U TERU S . Birth of Souls by Loveshadow
Very Nice indeed Young Man, This feels very good. It has that Duran Duran /Toto/...
Wed, Nov 4 3:24 AM mykleanthony review of Brand Em (Old School mix) by error404
I don't know how I missed you!!! Excellent work duke!!!!!
Tue, Oct 13 5:11 PM mykleanthony review of The Souls of Insects by jacindae
You challenge so beautifully!! Peace! ;)-
Mon, Oct 12 7:37 AM mykleanthony review of Know this Feeling by i2b
Genius, I'm feelin what you've done with this. It's relevant and it works! ...
Mon, Oct 12 7:31 AM mykleanthony review of Let 'Em Know by The Suit, Inc.
Nice, got an idea already for this. Keep a look out for this one. Peace! ;)...
Mon, Oct 12 7:18 AM mykleanthony review of In The Garden by unreal_dm
I'm smiling and it's good. Nice work. Peace! ;)-
Wed, Oct 7 5:22 PM mykleanthony review of When you said yes by Carosone
You know what? I'm sat here waiting for Sidney Portier and Lulu to come out and ...
Wed, Oct 7 4:51 PM mykleanthony review of Murderer (Club Mix) by YimAir
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! Swing it like ya mean it. This is tight ta death and I echo ev...
Tue, Oct 6 1:13 PM mykleanthony review of The Strange Orange Project Intro by BOCrew
Yo nice work, this is dope but you gotta give credit to my Boy NAKES for doing t...
Sun, Sep 27 3:19 AM mykleanthony review of Deep in ya self DjiZ RmX by Kwame
This is Crazy. Deadly beat and obviously the talents of 4. Great Work!! Peac...
Sat, Sep 26 5:26 PM mykleanthony review of Slanted Voices by morgantj
DAM-DAM-DAM, That's all I got to say!! Peace! ;)-
Mon, Sep 14 8:45 AM mykleanthony review of The Secret Fixter by MC Jack in the Box
Hot Hot Hot!!! Peace! ;)-
Mon, Sep 14 8:32 AM mykleanthony review of What am I Supposed to Do? (Trash it up) by fourstones
Hey 4, This is a great piece of work. You have got to be King of the Mash-Ups!!!...
Thu, Jul 30 6:28 PM mykleanthony review of Sick AS A Dog- Straight Out The Hood Mix by J.Lang
Nice one G! Very ole skool!! I love the kick in this. Overall feel is nice. Pro...
Thu, Jul 30 6:19 PM mykleanthony review of Soldier (History Repeats Itself) by spinningmerkaba
Yo, this is hot.... Great work on this. The guitars and the vocals are hot. The ...