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Reviews left by mwic

Wed, Jul 11 8:21 AM mwic review of Try not to take the lord's name in vain, but don't ever be a goddamn scab by projectQUESTION (lonnie ray atkinson)
No remixes of this yet?! What a fantastic little sample ..
Wed, Jul 11 8:19 AM mwic review of Open Source Ecology by Alex
Just discovered last month, and just now discovered that P...
Wed, Jul 11 8:14 AM mwic review of "Meditation is a state of mind" (Kundalini Rising Part 2) by Jeris
Just stopping by to say I hope you haven't hung up your hat or anything .. this ...
Mon, Jun 18 9:41 AM mwic review of circus man by Jeris
Love this one ; reminds me another of my favorites by you ("Danser"). Wow, Ma...
Sat, May 12 7:14 AM mwic review of I protest, you contratest by annabloom
Dang. Coolness beyond my dreams for this weird little pell. I'm honored.
Mon, Jan 30 6:57 AM mwic review of In Your Eyes by Jeris
Had not previously discovered this talented singer/writer. Thanks for introducin...
Fri, Jan 27 12:57 PM mwic review of Bogi Beat Pillow Fight by Down With Ben
The world needs more songs like this. You made my "creme de la creme" folder (on...
Fri, Jan 27 12:51 PM mwic review of Caught In A Strange World by Realist
Very nice. Love the bright/clean gtr and keyboard in combination with these sort...
Fri, Jan 27 11:11 AM mwic review of The Oregon Trail by Kara Square
Finally an MMT song the whole family can enjoy! This is my personal favorite fro...
Fri, Jan 27 10:34 AM mwic review of Alive by Jeris
Trivia: 86% of all tracks with the "django" tag are by Jeris. Yay!
Fri, Jan 27 8:14 AM mwic review of Dance of the Gypsy-Instrumental by Jeris
I love this and haven't even heard the vox yet; heading over there now
Fri, Jan 27 7:02 AM mwic review of Worth it Then-Dub Mix by Jeris
It was a very tight race, but this WorthItThen edges out your other one. Great ...
Fri, Jan 27 5:59 AM mwic review of Go Time (DuckMix) by duckett
2 things: -This is great. not nearly enough results for tags/old_school -Des...
Fri, Jan 27 5:52 AM mwic review of Deflated & Alone (acoustic) by The.Spirit.Of.Light
I love when I get some time to look through old uploads, from back before I arri...
Thu, Jan 26 9:48 AM mwic review of Radio Moscow: Funk in A by texasradiofish
Funk the Root! favorited..