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Sat, Aug 31 5:42 AM mwic review of Get Happy! by ScOmBer
Yeah, that's an infectious guitar. I might try to do something with that, as soo...
Sat, Aug 31 5:37 AM mwic review of No Se Si Tu by texasradiofish
Nice, very peppy. Speaking of peppy, I think it's 110 bpm, not 55?
Wed, Jul 3 4:47 PM mwic review of Well by Orrisroot
Welcome to CCM. I like it! Others will have to speak about how useful it is from...
Wed, Jul 3 4:44 PM mwic review of Clean by Donnie Ozone
Very cool tune. And the first upload in over a year that has the "philosophy" ta...
Fri, Nov 30 4:29 PM mwic review of Start Each Day with Love - Vocals and Ukulele (Kara Square) by Kara Square
I just recently got in the habit of starting each day with "Start Each Day with ...
Fri, Nov 30 10:25 AM mwic review of Bedtime Blues by Down With Ben
I am grinning from ear to ear over this. Hope the kids are well; mine are 10, 8,...
Fri, Nov 30 8:33 AM mwic review of Jingle Hell by Abstract Audio
Fear and Loathing at the North Pole! Big Win.
Thu, Nov 29 12:41 PM mwic review of Lost My Love ft. Jazz Bailey by DJ Vadim
Awesome to have new stuff from you. This is my favorite -- an aresenal of techni...
Thu, Nov 29 12:21 PM mwic review of Gatan by Robbero
This reminds me of Sita Sings the Blues. For that you get a big gold star
Thu, Nov 29 11:23 AM mwic review of Words of Gratitude (featuring Sackjo22) by Jeris
Two of my favorite artists, together again. Welcome back .. you went almost 20 f...
Wed, Nov 28 7:12 AM mwic review of Show Mercy at your Pleasure by ScOmBer
This is fantastic. Hope blueswerver comes back with more, and I hope you mix him...
Wed, Oct 10 4:39 AM mwic review of Gros Bon Ange by Da Rippa
Nice, clean, peppy mix
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