Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Tue, Jan 12 1:08 PM Darkroom review of Graf Dracula by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nicely done. The organ is great.
Sun, Jan 10 12:24 PM Darkroom review of Escape by Speck
. 1:24 and throughout you made it sound like the Amen Brother drum loop but I do...
Sun, Jan 10 12:22 PM Darkroom review of Severed Roots by Kraftamt
Sun, Jan 10 12:05 PM Darkroom review of Skin2Skin by Loveshadow
Nice switch up on the vox and great overall production. So fun to hear these mor...
Sun, Jan 10 11:56 AM Darkroom review of Floating While Waiting by Radioontheshelf
Speechless. Great production.
Fri, Jan 8 8:57 AM Darkroom review of It Hurts Me by Lasswell
Masterfully done.
Wed, Jan 6 4:19 PM Darkroom review of Starry Night by Siobhan Dakay
Good idea. Love it.
Tue, Jan 5 11:31 AM Darkroom review of Blessings by SackJo22
Wow, I love the way you did the vox on this. I would not have considered that gu...
Sun, Jan 3 5:05 PM Darkroom review of Cactus Love (It Hurts Me) by Songboy3
Perfectly done. I have a hard time believing there could be a better match to th...
Sun, Jan 3 5:02 PM Darkroom review of You're Too Far Away by septahelix
Cool and edgy remix. Thank you for including my track.
Sun, Jan 3 12:00 PM Darkroom review of A Billion Stars by Subliminal
Beautifully done.
Sun, Jan 3 9:55 AM Darkroom review of A Funky Smooth Departure by Speck
You are speaking my language here.
Sun, Jan 3 9:50 AM Darkroom review of The Cactus by Loveshadow
I never thought I would learn so much about cacti with fine music in the backgro...
Sat, Jan 2 10:25 PM Darkroom review of Happy New Year by Loveshadow
Very nicely done.
Sat, Jan 2 10:20 PM Darkroom review of Rescue me by sparky
Great remix. Can you upload a higher quality version such as .flac or 320kb MP3?