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Reviews left by Darkroom

Tue, Aug 7 4:08 PM Darkroom review of Madrugada a la Gil Evans by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
A masterpiece in its own right
Wed, Jul 11 9:26 AM Darkroom review of Madrugada - cdk mix by Analog By Nature
Great stuff!
Mon, Mar 12 10:20 AM Darkroom review of Just one man by Click
I like it. The overall subtleness is nice along with good use of the vocoder. Th...
Thu, Mar 8 9:43 PM Darkroom review of 2012 No Brains n' Full Throttle by Tapsa
This sounds awesome. Such quality is a treat to the ears.
Thu, Mar 8 4:36 PM Darkroom review of ANA (please just 1mobe4 dreamtime daddy mix) by dr_littlefish
Me likes this alot! Perfect blend of beat versus sounds.
Thu, Mar 8 4:31 PM Darkroom review of The Fish in The Deep Sea by Unempty
This is great stuff! I like the soundscapes. Keep it coming.
Thu, Mar 8 4:28 PM Darkroom review of I wonder what I'll do today by oldDog
Love the piano on this song. Regards
Tue, Oct 24 1:53 PM Darkroom review of Chucks ~ Yimair Remix by YimAir
It's hard to do Hip Hop these days and sound original. However on this track I a...
Tue, Oct 24 11:42 AM Darkroom review of FOG on the Bluff by DJ BLUE
Nice guitar to go along with the old Funkadelic snare in the back.
Tue, Oct 24 11:36 AM Darkroom review of Under The Water by PorchCat
Sounds good!