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Ms.Vybe (kendra):

Reviews left by Ms.Vybe

Mon, Oct 6 8:21 AM Ms.Vybe review of Shouldn't Have Teased Me (Wrath mix) by khidir
I luv it. I just HATE when people call me KENDRA. Yeah, that's my name, but not ...
Sat, Oct 4 1:03 PM Ms.Vybe review of Close to the Edge by MC Jack in the Box
Good work, man. Thanks! Peace, Ms.Vybe
Fri, Oct 3 10:09 PM Ms.Vybe review of There's Something Wrong- The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
Damn, man. This is hella coo. Brad's got that shit, u know? Good remix!
Fri, Oct 3 10:05 PM Ms.Vybe review of U COULD HAVE FAME by BOCrew
Don't know how this remix slipped thru the cracks. I like it, it's hella smooth ...
Fri, Oct 3 1:07 PM Ms.Vybe review of girl in the bubble by penston
Wow, u really chopped that acapella up. I wish I had the patience to do that. ...
Tue, Sep 30 1:45 PM Ms.Vybe review of I dunno by grapes
This beat is so dope. I just wrote somethin crazy to it. I hope the theme wo...
Mon, Sep 29 11:19 PM Ms.Vybe review of Vivaldi's Monkey by radiotimes
Thx 4 tha remix!
Mon, Sep 29 11:15 PM Ms.Vybe review of rebel with no cause by Tomas PhUsIoN
This is my new shit, right here! This shit is so tight. U mind if I put it o...
Wed, Sep 24 4:20 PM Ms.Vybe review of Summertime (Get 'Em Girl Mix) by yellowjacket_osx
Waddup, Yellowjacket? U stung 'em on this one! Luv it, man! Nice work!!! ...
Tue, Sep 23 9:39 AM Ms.Vybe review of Mangled (Drove On By) by Vidian
I like this piece a lot.
Tue, Sep 23 9:37 AM Ms.Vybe review of KCentric Mini Mix by yellowjacket_osx
Tue, Sep 23 9:35 AM Ms.Vybe review of My Beats by wellman
Nice work! Thx, Ms.V
Mon, Sep 22 9:27 PM Ms.Vybe review of Average Point by Macsat
Mon, Sep 22 9:25 PM Ms.Vybe review of Miss Kites by Macsat
Damn, this is so hott! I started flowin to it right away! Great phukkin job,...
Mon, Sep 22 5:04 PM Ms.Vybe review of Maybe (808 Rainy London Mix) by KCentric
Hot shitt, boi!