Reviews left by KCentric

Thu, Oct 15 6:51 AM KCentric review of Dos platos y un microfono by Kruzzial
Great work! Cool vocals. Hip-Hop 4 Life!!!
Mon, Oct 12 5:11 PM KCentric review of Two Turntables and a Microphone by Kruzzial
Great job! Thanks for the remix.
Fri, May 1 10:07 AM KCentric review of Play by the rules by Allthisisthat
Pretty slick. Thanks for the mix!
Sat, Feb 14 2:34 PM KCentric review of Two turntables by Dysfunction_AL
Pretty cool!! Thanks 4 putting me in the mix. Peace, K
Tue, Nov 18 4:47 AM KCentric review of The Ties That Bind (FuzzeDuck Mix) by duckett
Pretty cool Duck!!! I like the old school vinyl vibe. Thanks for putting me i...
Tue, Nov 18 4:39 AM KCentric review of Secretly Go Wit Me by copperhead
Great work copperhead! Feels like summer all over again. Thanks for taking time...
Sun, Nov 16 2:57 PM KCentric review of Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto by ASHWAN
ASHWAN in the place to be!!! What's up man? It's great hearing some of my fav...
Sun, Nov 16 2:10 PM KCentric review of Rats Are Back (Dunky Different) by 7OOP3D
WOW!!! You rock 700P3D! Great work. Time to check out your catalog my friend....
Sun, Nov 16 2:04 PM KCentric review of My Audio Wake Up by teru
Absolutely Brilliant! I love everything about this one. Kudos Teru. Happy An...
Sun, Nov 16 2:01 PM KCentric review of This by morgantj
Very cool morgantj!
Sun, Nov 16 1:57 PM KCentric review of Life with CDK by copperhead
Way to go Copperhead!!! Awesome work. I can hear/see this on the BIG SCREEN...
Sun, Nov 16 1:54 PM KCentric review of I And I by Alex
Great work Alex! I love it! Kinda feels like Guru and those cool Jazzmataz album...
Sun, Nov 16 1:50 PM KCentric review of Climb Out of this World of Insanity by debbizo
Nice work debbizo!
Sun, Nov 16 1:48 PM KCentric review of World of Insanity (cdk Secret Trap Mix) by Analog By Nature
What up CDK!!!! I've been waiting to hear this one. Dope as usual. Happy Anni...
Sun, Nov 16 1:45 PM KCentric review of My Klean Secret (Headphone Mix) by fourstones
Like I said you ain't too shabby yourself... Absolutely Brilliant. Ed pick for s...