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Tue, Mar 7 4:06 PM cinematrik review of The Next Step by Trifonic
I dig it ya'll...sounds great! Tim
Wed, Jan 18 6:07 PM cinematrik review of Lullaby by _ghost
This has got a great vibe to it - everything fits and sounds great together - 5 ...
Mon, Aug 1 4:00 AM cinematrik review of Stranger From Below by Trifonic
You guys know I love your stuff. But I still have to weigh in and say that this...
Sat, Jul 30 1:52 PM cinematrik review of Love Bird (feat. Lisa Debenedictis ) by callmeyang
Great stuff. Really like the feel and production. Lots of great little things ...
Mon, Jul 25 2:08 PM cinematrik review of Cuckoo(asha remix) by asha
Very cool - nice harmonies and great instrumentation. The bridge reminds me of ...
Mon, Jul 25 1:53 PM cinematrik review of It's Flowers In January by Minus Kelvin
I think I like this one even more than your first entry. Bizarre in all the rig...
Mon, Jul 25 1:39 PM cinematrik review of Below (The Belt Mix) by Minus Kelvin
I like it! I dig all the nods to idm in there...the nice high frequency piercing...
Tue, Jun 28 10:25 AM cinematrik review of BELOW LINDA BARKER MIX by ASHWAN
I dig this a lot. It has that great "sloppy" feel to it (i mean that ...
Tue, Jun 28 10:00 AM cinematrik review of SummerBelow-teru-remix by teru
Really good mix! I love the harmonic structure too - it's great to hear everyon...
Mon, Jun 20 7:24 AM cinematrik review of Attractive by Jane His Wife
Dude - This is great. Simply great... BTW, where's daughter Judy?
Sat, Jun 18 9:24 AM cinematrik review of Below ( The Dirty Water Mix ) by J.Lang
Very smooth - I like it!
Wed, Jun 15 11:10 AM cinematrik review of Below and Beyond by shockshadow
This is real good. I love the synths and the feel of it. Very nice work!