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Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, May 31 9:19 AM gurdonark review of hope is ambient by sleeperspaceborn
Really lovely. Very nice sound and melody.
Sun, May 31 9:14 AM gurdonark review of A Chance For Change by Speck
I like the way you mix in the voices here. Nicely done.
Mon, Apr 6 6:08 AM gurdonark review of Ordinary People ( Ordinary Mix ) Feat Scomber on vocals by J.Lang
I never fully appreciated this 'pella until I heard it in this setting. It's a r...
Mon, Apr 6 5:21 AM gurdonark review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
That is a really well-done mix. Evocative lyrics, solid instrumental backing and...
Sun, Apr 5 7:02 PM gurdonark review of the hike by shimoda
I like that you let Panu's tracks breathe and blend here.
Sun, Apr 5 6:58 PM gurdonark review of Where Nothing Feels Wrong by spinningmerkaba
Solid mix including the vocals. Well done.
Sun, Apr 5 6:53 PM gurdonark review of The Invisible Enemy (feat. bangcorrupt) by Kraftamt
Lovely song. A great listen, all the way through.
Sun, Apr 5 6:48 PM gurdonark review of Coming Home by Snowflake
Really well-done. It all fits together so well.
Sun, Apr 5 6:42 PM gurdonark review of Social Distancing (Extended Mix) (w/ Darkroom) by Whitewolf
A really rich, inventive mix with great vocal samples.
Sun, Apr 5 12:21 PM gurdonark review of So I stay home by Abstract Audio
Nice use of the samples to create an integrated, working mix.
Sun, Apr 5 12:15 PM gurdonark review of The Time Within by Carosone
Lots of nice touches to fit the spirit of the vocal. I like the instrumental sho...
Sun, Apr 5 11:56 AM gurdonark review of Mona Monkey by mwic
Propulsive and energetic, and the spoken word fits with its very well. Groove is...
Sun, Apr 5 11:53 AM gurdonark review of the universe sings ft. jonatha chance by kthugha
I love the way the initial percussion sounds somehow outer space ish and then th...
Mon, Jan 20 11:41 AM gurdonark review of Crowded Rooms by coruscate
A stark, spare, quirky yet forceful backing that helps set off the vocals.
Sun, Nov 24 7:15 PM gurdonark review of White In The Moon** The other Side Of The Moon Remix by J.Lang
I like that though this is a rich and full mix, you kept your touch light, and a...