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Reviews left by gurdonark

Wed, Oct 26 7:00 AM gurdonark review of With You by teru
My first association from this song is also a UK association, although it's not ...
Tue, Oct 25 6:55 PM gurdonark review of One Question (featuring P.Mac) by GaryM
The retro electronica caught my attention, and the way that your song fits toget...
Sun, Oct 23 3:19 PM gurdonark review of sometimes by penston
I think this ia a very successful remix. Well done.
Sun, Oct 23 3:18 PM gurdonark review of Super Dub by Metallic Fish Paint
Very creative idea.
Thu, Oct 20 9:09 PM gurdonark review of Burning Tiger by BanjoMcBongo
This is very well assembled, and never boring. I like the background sounds. I t...
Thu, Oct 20 8:45 PM gurdonark review of girls like me by penston
I enjoyed this. When it first began, I thought that it was not going to fit very...
Thu, Oct 20 7:19 PM gurdonark review of Dreaming by cjbrough
A lovely thing. Truly lovely.
Thu, Oct 20 5:57 PM gurdonark review of A Rainy Day by Phazor
Very well done. I like the way the oboe sounds in this setting.
Sun, Oct 16 2:52 AM gurdonark review of All in Good Fun by teru
Solid, straightforward and yet pleasingly different. Good job.
Sat, Oct 15 2:54 AM gurdonark review of My Supergirl by johnnok
This is a very creative approach which fits very well with this song. The intro ...
Mon, Oct 10 1:25 PM gurdonark review of Maybe We Can All Do Something by Lisa Rein
I like using "found sound" to mix in with a track from time to time, as you have...
Sun, Oct 9 2:15 PM gurdonark review of (hidden) The Hard Hop by Virux
Good title. This is a straight-ahead hard hop. It's got an insistence that I lik...
Sun, Oct 9 5:26 AM gurdonark review of Another World by Click
This is a pleasant run down the by-ways of near-chilled electronica. It's wise t...
Sun, Oct 9 5:22 AM gurdonark review of Lisa DeBenedictis-Below (nero's deep below the belt mix) by nero
It is throwbackish, but in a fun way. If you're going for the full "early Morode...
Wed, Oct 5 4:47 PM gurdonark review of Look at Me by C.Portable
I like the chilled feel to this one, and your choice to go minimal when it might...