Reviews left by gurdonark

Tue, Mar 1 5:40 AM gurdonark review of 𝓬𝓾𝓻𝓲𝓸𝓾𝓼 ft. airtone by Apoxode
It's great to hear the way you used these good samples to create a good song! Ni...
Sun, Feb 27 7:53 AM gurdonark review of Fly to Babylon by ScOmBer
That piano melody works really well with the guitar. Very nice remix.
Sun, Feb 27 7:48 AM gurdonark review of Your Job is to Resist (Your Pupa is Dilated Remix) by Joel Frijters
Good job! Also, hurray for transportative whispers!
Sun, Feb 27 7:44 AM gurdonark review of Runaway (Bernard L'ermite Remix) by Bernard L'ermite
Smooth, rich mix. I also like that you uploaded the useful samples on this one!
Sun, Feb 27 7:37 AM gurdonark review of S N O C L A S H by mwic
The slicing and dicing really works here. It's a darn good song.
Sun, Feb 27 7:32 AM gurdonark review of Paradox Bridge by Martin Cee (softmartin)
very nicely done. I particularly liked the guitar passages.
Sun, Feb 27 7:28 AM gurdonark review of Talkin' 'Bout the Weather by Kara Square
that is fun! I love the backing vocals!
Sun, Oct 31 5:48 AM gurdonark review of 2008 by Bluemillenium
Very good. I liked especially the part of the song that starts at 3:39 and co...
Sun, Oct 31 5:40 AM gurdonark review of From Gurd To Nark by Siobhan Dakay
In the earliest versions of ccMixter, one could access the Freesound library usi...
Sun, Oct 31 5:28 AM gurdonark review of π™­π˜’π’‘π’‰π’π™€π˜― by Apoxode
I like the minimal style of this song, giving it an open-air, play-in-a-park fee...
Sun, Oct 31 5:19 AM gurdonark review of EYES by zikweb
A fascinating tour of an exotic place, taken while standing in the travel agency...
Sun, Oct 31 5:08 AM gurdonark review of Doped by Mana Junkie
This is a like a journey into the ambient star system using a lightsail spacecra...