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Reviews left by duckett

Mon, Aug 12 2:52 AM duckett review of heart beats by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Reminds me of the early days of ccMixter (in a good way)... there were more remi...
Mon, Aug 12 2:41 AM duckett review of anyOtherDay by airtone
Very much a feel-good soulful summer mix... makes me want to hit a roller rink!
Mon, Aug 12 2:37 AM duckett review of Hey, Are You Here? by Kara Square
Simply awesome. I couldn't help but think it's the perfect musical answer to "Wi...
Mon, Aug 12 2:31 AM duckett review of Breathe (Travel Light) by Snowflake
I don't ever want to see you be self-deprecating about your remixing/production ...
Mon, Aug 12 2:27 AM duckett review of Decisions by Mana Junkie
Rhythmically dynamic, punchy, and still full of shifting textures and flavors as...
Mon, Aug 12 2:20 AM duckett review of >MJ by panu
Mon, Aug 12 2:17 AM duckett review of Sadness by mykleanthony
Really like how you juxtapose the minimalism of gurdonark's aesthetic against th...
Mon, Aug 12 2:10 AM duckett review of Good Intentions-No time to waste radio mix- by J.Lang
Shimmering, pulsing dancefloor goodness. So many subtle little touches.. this is...
Mon, Aug 12 2:04 AM duckett review of yellow by cyba
Oh yeah.. this is dope AF
Mon, Aug 12 2:00 AM duckett review of Trance is... (Ambient Cinematic Trance) by Whitewolf
Lovely pensive yet relaxing mood; everything's sitting right where it should be
Sun, Aug 11 3:00 PM duckett review of Skipping Stones by spinningmerkaba
Holy crap- the synchronicity between your mutual remixes is eerie yet marvelous....
Sun, Aug 11 2:55 PM duckett review of the lips of god by urmymuse
A guitar layer cake indeed! Wonderfully sunny and soaring.
Sun, Aug 11 2:50 PM duckett review of Blue Luna by shimoda
First: Hooray, a new shimoda remix! Second: This is captivating- a lot going on...
Sun, Aug 11 2:44 PM duckett review of mandolin chinese (moscardo remix) by moscardo
Evokes a certain combination of intimacy and vastness.
Sun, Aug 11 2:31 PM duckett review of Triptych of Snippets by septahelix
Really like how it slowly unfolds to an almost celebratory crescendo before a me...