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J.Lang (djlang59):
Wed, May 27 2:22 PM Announcements :: Catalyst Remix Event
Registered and looking forward to this. Enjoy the day and stay safe.
Tue, Oct 29 7:48 PM Announcements :: Endurance Secret Mixter
Happy Birthday ccMixter. I've been here on and off since May of 2005. I've met...
Sat, Apr 13 9:04 AM Announcements :: Cold Ears (Kalte Ohren) Remix Context
Congrats !!!!!!!!!
Sat, Apr 13 9:03 AM Announcements :: Cold Ears (Kalte Ohren) Remix Context
Congrats !!!!!!!!!
Mon, Nov 28 5:16 PM Announcements :: Hope for the Holidays Remix Event
I can't access pells, samples or remixes. i get a spinning wheel.
Mon, Oct 27 1:47 PM Announcements :: Share Your Favorite ccM Track, Earn $5 for our Fundraiser
My 3 Favorite song on ccMixter #1 Air t...
Mon, Jan 30 7:02 AM Features :: ccMixter iPhone App now on AppStore
Love the New App. Great Job. I'm sure someone mention it already but to be able ...
Sun, Jan 25 4:24 AM The Big OT :: Secret Mixter 5
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!
Fri, Oct 24 9:42 AM The Big OT :: Happy Birthday Teru!
Happy BIRTHDAY King T. Many Many Years Of Good Health, Great Mixes, Love, & Ha...
Mon, Sep 1 8:34 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Cool Music
Just wanted to say i love the show. I just wish i could listen to it on my iPho...
Mon, Jun 2 6:31 AM RFP Discussions :: My Views on the RFP and the Future of ccMixter
First let me say, i welcome change. Nothing last forever. I only hope that the c...
Thu, Jan 3 5:10 PM The Big OT :: NEW CD On Itunes
One of the artist that i work with has a new CD on ITunes. The name of the cd i...
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