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Kwame (djiz):

Reviews left by Kwame

Tue, Nov 13 11:35 AM Kwame review of Shorty I Caught You-The Diry Water Mix by J.Lang
Allways that "old school" flavor... Another great track!
Mon, Nov 12 12:35 PM Kwame review of plugandplay shhhh don't tell mix by J.Lang
So far from your Hip Hop / Rn'B usual type of music! But an iteresting one... Th...
Mon, Nov 12 12:21 PM Kwame review of Age 20 by slumberlords
great mix! I love that meloy too... good idea to loop it that way.
Mon, Nov 12 12:37 AM Kwame review of Trixter Treat! (nurykabe's halloween costume) by duckett
Great work on this one!
Sat, Nov 10 12:49 AM Kwame review of 39 by Aamu
Great job! I love it... Can't see how you did this with my music! This is not ...
Thu, Nov 8 3:38 PM Kwame review of beeKoo mix by Lasswell
Great remix! love the "old school" touch
Thu, Oct 25 2:43 AM Kwame review of Be Cool (pimp reflections mix) by plurgid
Yeah!!! I really feel this track! I downloaded it and put it in my car's music ...
Sun, Oct 21 11:47 AM Kwame review of Octopus Trees (A Capella) by c.layne
Another great pella! I'm working on it trying to make an electro/hip hop track.
Fri, Oct 19 6:59 AM Kwame review of Moon Man (Parliamentarian Mix) by yellowjacket_osx
Verry agreeable track! Nothing to add...
Sun, Oct 14 7:10 AM Kwame review of Say "Oh Yeah!" (kcentriffical forces mix) by duckett
Another good job! I am surprised by the way you mixed all those samples. The ...
Sat, Oct 13 9:30 PM Kwame review of Largado by DJ.E-State
I like the beat... So hypnotic with that little vocal! Can't undestant a word o...
Wed, Oct 10 12:02 PM Kwame review of Guessin' Games (Lo-Fi Disco Mix) by yellowjacket_osx
First time I listen to your work... I should have listened before! Great track ...
Wed, Oct 10 11:22 AM Kwame review of Countdown by DJ.E-State
Great track again! Love that beat... as usual ;) The way you mix it gives the ...
Wed, Oct 10 2:38 AM Kwame review of Forchellow Notes by duckett
Great job again! That track is really cool, I think you had a lot of work to sy...
Thu, Sep 27 11:25 AM Kwame review of Falling To The Grass by duckett
That's a come back! That remix is strange but good... As usual! It could be th...