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Sun, Dec 4 7:27 AM Anchor review of Please Don't Wish Me A Merry Christmas by Kara Square
How about Merry Mithras or in my case 'happy birthday'..... Love your tongue...
Sun, Dec 4 7:10 AM Anchor review of A Billion Years of Green by Niemandsland
a plaintive melancholic yet strangely hopeful offering... Leza vocal - alluring...
Fri, Dec 2 2:17 PM Anchor review of Time (cdk Give Me Some Dubstep Mix) by Analog By Nature
Been out of town for 3 months.Finally getting some reviews in. Love the sounds ...
Fri, Dec 2 2:13 PM Anchor review of The Aching Eyes by onlymeith
The way you frame the words of these poets and their poems is indeed an Art.
Fri, Dec 2 2:12 PM Anchor review of Set Yourself Free (It´s Your Turn) by onlymeith
love it - beautiful searching ballade.
Fri, Dec 2 2:11 PM Anchor review of Twins by onlymeith
Spending the afternoon with you.... catching up on reviews. This one is wonder...
Fri, Dec 2 2:09 PM Anchor review of Quiet Rain by onlymeith
Exquisite Evocation.......
Fri, Dec 2 2:08 PM Anchor review of Sacred Space by onlymeith
Love the sounds in this offering. I can see the lonely poet as contemplates the...
Fri, Dec 2 2:07 PM Anchor review of Pilgrims by onlymeith
Been out of touch lately - traveling. This is my 1st chance to review. You kn...
Fri, Dec 2 10:57 AM Anchor review of A Thousand Petals by Super_Sigil
a sense of mystical drama... very alluring!
Thu, Dec 1 3:04 PM Anchor review of SackJo9000 preview by rocavaco
W O W ....................!
Wed, Nov 23 7:44 AM Anchor review of The Oregon Trail by Kara Square
Having just been on sections of the route of the Oregon Trail during a recent tr...
Tue, Oct 25 4:15 PM Anchor review of Still Water by VickyDan
I have been a fan of your offerings all along, enjoying every upload so
Thu, Oct 20 7:34 AM Anchor review of Dark Angel by VickyDan
I am in Mountains this morning - looking out at misty treetops...this is the per...
Wed, Oct 19 7:43 AM Anchor review of Autumn Sun (Sing A Song) by duckett
Loved it! Haven't had much chance to do reviewing (only listening). Been in Oreg...