Branching Out Secret Mixter
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Sat, Mar 2 1:45 PM Anchor review of Signum Magnum by Admiral Bob
you did a lovely job delivering the Signum Magnum. Thanks.
Tue, Feb 27 5:54 AM Anchor review of All The Same Patterns by Apoxode
You know how to have fun! Thanks!
Sun, Feb 11 2:17 PM Anchor review of Alchemist Apprentice by Snowflake
Smooth and lovely, lyrical vocal evocation...secretly veiling a deep and powerfu...
Sun, Feb 11 2:14 PM Anchor review of As We All Approach the Corus Gate by Joel Frijters
I guess our paths have not yet crossed on Mixter until now. I enjoyed the drift ...
Sun, Feb 11 10:07 AM Anchor review of Ascending (Hexagram 46) by SackJo22
alluring piece. you've got the touch. Love the jaguar image...
Sun, Feb 11 5:48 AM Anchor review of Love is the Power by ScOmBer
great take on the sources...enjoyed hearing you sing it too...
Sun, Feb 11 5:42 AM Anchor review of When Snowflakes Fell And Atoms Divided by Radioontheshelf
lovely...great blend of music, poetry and mythos.
Sun, Feb 11 4:37 AM Anchor review of Take the Grail ft Anchor by Apoxode
Thank you for rescuing me...! I love how you made this song and my delivery mor...
Sat, Feb 10 5:50 AM Anchor review of Walk With Me [STEMS] by Wiseman
something about this....rubbed me the right way.....Thanks.
Sat, Feb 10 5:44 AM Anchor review of My Time, Your Time, Our Time by Radioontheshelf
as fate would have it - I was sitting in my studio, the morning sun streaming in...
Tue, Feb 6 10:02 AM Anchor review of Blue Hours of This Millennium by Kara Square
What a lovely song. Made me feel warm & fuzzy....Thanks. x Anchor
Tue, Feb 6 10:00 AM Anchor review of Into the Night by Stefan Kartenberg
whenever I start singing along I know I like something.........Cheers! Lots of e...
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