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Reviews left by Anchor

Sun, Dec 23 11:35 AM Anchor review of Lips by Jeris
Thanks for a nice Christmas/Birthday present!!!!
Tue, Dec 18 2:47 PM Anchor review of Goblets of the Gods by onlymeith
a mysterious evocative setting for the poem... love the choral aspects too...Th...
Sun, Nov 4 2:49 AM Anchor review of The Unfinished Slaves by onlymeith
soulful words - evocation of our shared humanity.... as always your musical b...
Fri, Oct 26 4:45 PM Anchor review of Quiet Hours by onlymeith
! If I am ever in Madrid - I am coming to meet you for a glass of wine.
Fri, Oct 19 2:08 PM Anchor review of NOT by onlymeith
let me be the 1st not to say how great this is - even though it truly is..........
Tue, Oct 2 6:31 AM Anchor review of The Happiness of Larry by radiotimes
made me happy to hear it!
Mon, Sep 17 6:13 AM Anchor review of He Forges Mighty Armour by Admiral Bob
I add my accolades to these! splendid work.
Thu, Aug 30 8:16 AM Anchor review of Oblivion by Tigoolio
lushly gorgeous .................!
Thu, Aug 30 8:04 AM Anchor review of May your love be washed by the rain by radiotimes
thank you! a delightful vocal collage...........
Wed, Aug 22 7:41 AM Anchor review of A Simple Parlour Ballad (for Joe) by radiotimes
inventive,evocative and a nice tribute too.... a tender moment.
Tue, Aug 21 8:14 AM Anchor review of Apache Dance by Victoria Melfi
Thanks for an elegant interpretation.....
Tue, Aug 21 8:02 AM Anchor review of White In The Moon by Victoria Melfi
Thanks for a lovely rendering of the melody....
Wed, May 23 5:34 AM Anchor review of So Pretty by radiotimes
RT! thanks for this arrangement. There have been a several offerings using this ...
Sun, Apr 29 12:36 PM Anchor review of A Better World by onlymeith
always been a fan - always will be...............
Sun, Apr 22 11:23 AM Anchor review of THE INCIDENT by VickyDan
Thank you for this! I am quite awed by your talents and your attention to detail...