Holiday Funk & Blues Event

Reviews left by _ghost

Sun, Nov 18 1:38 AM _ghost review of Shorty I Caught You-The Diry Water Mix by J.Lang
Smooth jazz/funky synth and strings are just great and this characteristic mpc s...
Sun, Nov 18 1:30 AM _ghost review of I like it like That(s.thaens) by stefsax
For my "gringo ears" this is perfect:-) But, hey where are sax samples? Any chan...
Tue, Oct 16 12:22 PM _ghost review of Good Bye Mr. Rogers by Analog By Nature
So warm and close!!!
Mon, Sep 17 1:02 PM _ghost review of Ako Umram Il' Zaginam (Macedonian Song) by Transistor Karma
I like it! Very unique sound and atmosphere! Wanderfull usage of Kitka samples -...
Mon, Sep 17 12:38 PM _ghost review of Infinity by Hundred Schools Of Thought
Cool! I like it. Nice rhythm changes and guitar straight from heaven:-)
Mon, Sep 17 12:22 PM _ghost review of Babylon (Walking Mix) by Analog By Nature
I like all these electronic "flutes" and original ethnic beat. But I think it ne...
Sat, Sep 15 12:42 AM _ghost review of Got To Rock by Alex
Oldskool feel with guitar fire!
Sat, Sep 15 12:35 AM _ghost review of Amarok - 25sec. promo by teru
Wed, Sep 12 9:22 AM _ghost review of The City Awakes by stefsax
Sweet, huge cinematic mix. Arrangement is flawless! I would only add more "fatne...
Tue, Jun 5 2:28 PM _ghost review of MX by grapes
It has this rare summer "sultry" atmosphere.... just moment before storm....grea...
Tue, Jun 5 2:19 PM _ghost review of April (tacet mix) by tacet
And you once again impressed us with your "little something" what is rather quit...
Tue, Jun 5 2:09 PM _ghost review of Que Pena - cdk mix by Analog By Nature
nujazz meets CDK and we have Edpick;-) I am not surprised at all:-) Congrats.
Sat, May 19 3:40 PM _ghost review of Nube by oldDog
Such a soft, subtle and delicate song. Congrats!
Sat, Apr 14 1:31 PM _ghost review of "Hip-Hop" by Analog By Nature
Now you should direct some high budget video to this:-)Dead cert to ccmixter Hal...
Mon, Mar 26 3:20 PM _ghost review of February by tacet
that vocal trickery is sooo cool. another interesting arrangement. Love these dr...