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Sat, Apr 9 1:23 AM _ghost review of Little Piece of My Heart by @nop
This is very cinematic. I like it:-)
Mon, Nov 16 1:00 AM _ghost review of Carosone - The Gigolo Song (cdk Remix) by cdk
This is like ccmixter kung fu punch! :-)
Sun, Nov 10 11:51 AM _ghost review of Faithless by Doxent Zsigmond
Certainly surrealistic. Love it !
Sun, Nov 10 11:45 AM _ghost review of Lullaby (It's Life) by Doxent Zsigmond
Thanks, great mix and mastering. Huge improvement in relation to original.
Sun, Nov 10 11:27 AM _ghost review of goodbye butterfly by Jeris
This is delicious Vocal treatment is spectacular.......and I thought my arrange...
Sat, Jul 27 3:15 AM _ghost review of If God Was Sleeping (cdk Mix) by cdk
Mon, Apr 9 9:17 AM _ghost review of Dm100-JazzyRiff by Javolenus
warm and cozy
Mon, Apr 9 8:55 AM _ghost review of Vero by grapes
So hypnotic
Mon, Mar 26 10:03 AM _ghost review of Flesh And Bones by Alex
Love that disco drive, and that percussion "ha" :-)
Mon, Jun 28 11:39 AM _ghost review of sleepin by grapes
I can just breathe it in.
Thu, Jun 10 9:52 AM _ghost review of Writing the future by Pitx
Simply great!
Fri, Feb 19 3:12 PM _ghost review of Life Is Strange (glowing flowers remix) by shockshadow
Great fx on vocals. I like broken "toy" beats too.
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