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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Wed, Jun 17 11:28 AM Jeris review of Shallow Waters by Doxent Zsigmond
Incredibly tasteful it! Might be my new favorite from you
Mon, Jun 15 8:50 AM Jeris review of Pulling G's by panu
Man, great work...I love how these secret mixters bring out such different sides...
Mon, Jun 15 6:40 AM Jeris review of Harmony by pyrex
Nothing else to say but pure genius. That's funny, I was gonna ask you how long ...
Mon, Jun 15 6:26 AM Jeris review of Glo by mykleanthony
Nice! Reminds me of a Seal CD that I played to death. You're a straight Pro on t...
Mon, Jun 15 6:22 AM Jeris review of Lies (cdk Glitch Mix) by Analog By Nature
Supercool track man
Sun, Jun 14 3:21 PM Jeris review of DREAMt (ft Jeris) by SackJo22
Wow, Susan this is such a gift! I'm amazed at what you were able to do with that...
Thu, Jun 4 12:39 PM Jeris review of Daisy Bell (They'll Soon Decide, If We Can Ride) by Kara Square
That is so brilliant, even better than I imagined it could be!!! Those lyrics sh...
Sat, May 30 1:43 AM Jeris review of Now We're Talkin' (Stems) by lrockhq
Amazing song and vocals, thanks for uploading the stems!!!
Tue, May 26 12:48 PM Jeris review of No No More by ScOmBer
Super super catchy...great songwriting! I could listen to this all day.
Tue, May 26 12:42 PM Jeris review of Serenity by unreal_dm
Excellent remix of one of my favorite songs on ccM...can hardly even call this a...
Wed, May 20 9:15 PM Jeris review of Frozen in Time by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice...super chilled out groove.
Wed, May 20 1:20 PM Jeris review of The Daisy Bell Suite by SackJo22
This was such a conceptually ambitious project you came up with and I really lov...
Wed, May 20 1:04 PM Jeris review of Sweet Little Daisy Bell (ft Jeris) by SackJo22
You did it, so creative!!
Wed, May 20 12:59 PM Jeris review of Daisy Bell (Old Timey) by SackJo22
Oh, that makes me so happy. Great job on this, love the harmonies :)
Mon, May 18 8:10 AM Jeris review of Shallow Waters by Snowflake
Beautiful song. Such a nice delicate and warm tone on both the vocals and piano.