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Reviews left by Jeris

Wed, May 20 1:20 PM Jeris review of The Daisy Bell Suite by SackJo22
This was such a conceptually ambitious project you came up with and I really lov...
Wed, May 20 1:04 PM Jeris review of Sweet Little Daisy Bell (ft Jeris) by SackJo22
You did it, so creative!!
Wed, May 20 12:59 PM Jeris review of Daisy Bell (Old Timey) by SackJo22
Oh, that makes me so happy. Great job on this, love the harmonies :)
Mon, May 18 8:10 AM Jeris review of Shallow Waters by Snowflake
Beautiful song. Such a nice delicate and warm tone on both the vocals and piano.
Mon, May 11 6:06 PM Jeris review of Crunch the Number by Robert Warrington
Nice!! Careful....seems like every time an old-school funk thing is remixed it s...
Fri, May 8 11:07 PM Jeris review of Lost by Snowflake
This is a masterpiece, Snowflake!
Sat, May 2 6:21 PM Jeris review of The One (First Emerald) by Doxent Zsigmond
Masterful remix!!!
Sat, May 2 6:16 PM Jeris review of Trifonic - Good Enough (212 Rauh Vocal) by AndreasRauh
Wow, this is an incredible track...very tasteful. Kept getting better and better
Fri, Apr 24 12:57 PM Jeris review of Sunday Afternoon (Ex Machina Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Very cool! I didn't even I know I was gonna be on this, missed the notification ...
Sat, Apr 4 6:14 PM Jeris review of From Home (Snowflake Jeris HEJ31 remix!) by tacet
Cool...I think it grooves more. I really like the re-phrasing you did with Snowf...
Sat, Apr 4 6:12 PM Jeris review of The Wolf by SackJo22
Awesome work on fonky : )
Mon, Mar 23 5:43 AM Jeris review of Sometimes I Feel Guitar by HEJ31
Thanks for the guitar tracks, they sound great!!!
Sun, Mar 22 11:14 PM Jeris review of Sometimes I Feel by SackJo22
Thats what I'm talkin about! Very tasteful, thanks!!
Sun, Mar 22 9:33 AM Jeris review of Just For You by texasradiofish
Love this groove!!
Sun, Mar 22 9:24 AM Jeris review of Waves Of Fear, Hope And Supplication by Speck
You've stitched together these chants into an interesting story-telling mantra. ...