Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by TheDICE

Mon, Jul 29 2:54 PM TheDICE review of Ukulele Vs. Kazoo and Whistle, Too by unreal_dm
The work you did with the stems by Kara is amazing. Cool mix Unrealdm! Your addi...
Mon, Jul 29 2:48 PM TheDICE review of Mistakes were made by _ghost
Beautiful track. The guitar are really cool.
Mon, Jul 29 2:43 PM TheDICE review of I'm Falling (It's just a Blur) by copperhead
Listening to Copperhead is always a pleasure, beautiful music. I think this is m...
Mon, Jul 29 2:36 PM TheDICE review of October (Whitewolf Fusion Mix) by Whitewolf
cool!! i like the sound of this. the piano bridges are great
Mon, Jul 29 10:21 AM TheDICE review of America Mad & Naked by Calling Sister Midnight
Your composition using the stellartwars samples is truly amazing! I liked this t...
Mon, Jul 29 10:10 AM TheDICE review of Wayside Drive - The Great Divide (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
Wow, this is really cool. Your techno arrangement suits perfectly with the vocal...
Mon, Jul 29 10:01 AM TheDICE review of Pheromones - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Wonderful music, the chorus is so catchy!! I love the set of instruments you use...
Mon, Jul 29 9:56 AM TheDICE review of Turning Into Normal (What Once Felt Strange) by SackJo22
this is really amazing!! I loved the track. Cool guitar and sexy voice, superb s...
Mon, Jul 29 9:44 AM TheDICE review of Au-to-ma-tic (Acid Mix) by Kraftamt
great work with the synths. I loved the track, it's really cool! Congrats
Mon, Jul 29 9:35 AM TheDICE review of American Dream by texasradiofish
An excellent track, each section is amazing!! Great music
Mon, Jul 29 9:22 AM TheDICE review of Guitarrero II by Doxent Zsigmond
Very good music. I like it very much. I'm impressed from the beauty of the sound...
Tue, Jul 23 4:59 AM TheDICE review of Mad Summer Nights Pastiche - City Beach by debbizo
Cograts for your voice, debbizo, i think it is lovely. Your remix is very intere...
Sun, Jul 21 1:06 PM TheDICE review of Closer Now (Mad Summer Nights Remix) by Donnie Ozone
very cool track. your beat is excellent on "Closer Now". The bass is also really...
Sun, Jul 21 12:55 PM TheDICE review of V for Venvidian by My Free Mickey
A journey in the dance world. very cool techno track! great work with the stems
Sun, Jul 21 12:38 PM TheDICE review of Famous Last Words by Vidian
Cool techno track. it builds very nicely