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Reviews left by TheDICE

Mon, Jul 29 9:35 AM TheDICE review of American Dream by texasradiofish
An excellent track, each section is amazing!! Great music
Mon, Jul 29 9:22 AM TheDICE review of Guitarrero II by Doxent Zsigmond
Very good music. I like it very much. I'm impressed from the beauty of the sound...
Tue, Jul 23 4:59 AM TheDICE review of Mad Summer Nights Pastiche - City Beach by debbizo
Cograts for your voice, debbizo, i think it is lovely. Your remix is very intere...
Sun, Jul 21 1:06 PM TheDICE review of Closer Now (Mad Summer Nights Remix) by Donnie Ozone
very cool track. your beat is excellent on "Closer Now". The bass is also really...
Sun, Jul 21 12:55 PM TheDICE review of V for Venvidian by My Free Mickey
A journey in the dance world. very cool techno track! great work with the stems
Sun, Jul 21 12:38 PM TheDICE review of Famous Last Words by Vidian
Cool techno track. it builds very nicely
Sun, Jul 21 12:32 PM TheDICE review of You got a way with murder by Jeris
i enjoyed this track a lot, this is really well done. Great voice, amazing perfo...
Sun, Jul 21 12:13 PM TheDICE review of TGIF (Scomber Live at the Sydney Opera House) by copperhead
Excellent guitars and drums as usual! I really like your drum fills in this trac...
Sun, Jul 21 12:04 PM TheDICE review of Straniera by texasradiofish
it is weird (in a positive way) to listen my language on ccmix. Amazing chill ar...
Sun, Jul 21 11:55 AM TheDICE review of Porn Machine by Hans Atom
great track! I like your guitars riffs and drums. I enjoyed this music, sounds l...
Sun, Jul 21 11:49 AM TheDICE review of Memory of Paradise (Honeymoon Overture) by Snowflake
Great remix, various and involving. I like the way you connected the samples. An...
Sun, Jul 21 11:20 AM TheDICE review of Recall by Kara Square
Amazing music and the singing is lovely. A delicate performance. i like this son...
Sun, Jul 21 9:48 AM TheDICE review of Sudden Goodbye by Alex
Thank you very much Alex for working with my samples. First, your added sounds a...
Fri, Jul 5 12:46 PM TheDICE review of Nothing Wrong With Tina Gill by unreal_dm
Excellent music... i agree with all above, i really enjoyed it
Wed, Jul 3 3:55 PM TheDICE review of Scrambled Ogg by texasradiofish
Powerful track!! Amazing sounds and music. Congrats for the work