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Reviews left by TheDICE

Sat, Aug 15 1:24 PM TheDICE review of Hey, Are You Here? by Kara Square
This is really beautiful, melodies sounds like magic. I love this song! thanks f...
Sat, May 9 12:52 PM TheDICE review of It's the Sound by Apoxode
really enjoyed… beautiful sounds
Thu, May 7 2:20 PM TheDICE review of When The Sun Hardly Comes Out by Siobhan Dakay
Enjoyed this version very much. The piano, the chorus, the beat... everything un...
Thu, May 7 1:56 PM TheDICE review of When the Sun Hardly Comes Out by Kara Square
Still wonder how you can create so much lovely songs. It's like a rain of beauti...
Sun, Apr 5 12:56 PM TheDICE review of Stayin' at Home - Vocals by Kara Square
Thank you for this new pella. I like it very much. Really... thanks, Kara.
Sat, Mar 28 3:28 PM TheDICE review of Broken (part 2) by Subliminal
Powerful. I liked this very much! Thanks for sharing.
Sat, Mar 28 3:19 PM TheDICE review of telecaster sample xxx by panu
I enjoyed it very much, thanks for sharing.
Sat, Mar 28 1:31 PM TheDICE review of Erdfall by Kraftamt
It sounds perfect for a fighting scene, very appropriate for that! Really well d...
Mon, Mar 23 3:18 PM TheDICE review of Numbers by Kara Square
Often I'm looking back at what is happening right now, and I'm still surprised. ...
Wed, Nov 28 9:33 AM TheDICE review of Age of AI by Kara Square
This track hooked me from the start, the voice is so enjoyable and polish. I wou...
Wed, Nov 28 9:12 AM TheDICE review of For Christmas by Kara Square
I enjoyed a lot this track, thank you Kara. When I clicked play I was expecting ...
Sat, Nov 17 1:51 PM TheDICE review of We Made the Monsters by Kara Square
kara I really like the melodies on this vocal. Especially in the chorus. I'm re...
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