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Reviews left by Shelflife

Thu, Oct 17 5:20 PM Shelflife review of Le tour de tes nuits by Zep Hurme
Could not stop my foot tapping even after the music finished.
Tue, Oct 15 5:37 PM Shelflife review of Kiss The Wave by unreal_dm
Sympathetic backing track to a fine vocal which once again showcases your great ...
Tue, Oct 15 5:24 PM Shelflife review of The Incident (October Version) by Anchor
Great production values and as always a fine performance from the originator.
Tue, Oct 8 5:27 PM Shelflife review of Too Depressed for the Ukulele by unreal_dm
Great musical remedy for ukelele depression!
Mon, Oct 7 5:40 PM Shelflife review of Working overtime (ft. airtone) by robwalkerpoet
Feel good music at its best.
Sat, Oct 5 6:51 PM Shelflife review of Lay Me to Waste by copperhead
Great sounds that are so clearly defined in the mix and a wonderful bit of produ...
Mon, Sep 30 12:52 AM Shelflife review of When by wilburson
I find it hard to believe in a God of any format when the very presence of the v...
Mon, Sep 30 12:31 AM Shelflife review of My Famous Last Words by texasradiofish
Mon, Sep 30 12:24 AM Shelflife review of We are Free by unreal_dm
I'm gonna have to upload some vocals in the hope that you'll use them so I can s...
Mon, Sep 30 12:13 AM Shelflife review of She's still in love (ft Javolenus) by robwalkerpoet
I think you have got everything just right in this mix. It has that loose ram...
Thu, Sep 26 6:17 PM Shelflife review of Do What You Love XOXO by unreal_dm
Wonderful mix and great production. The vox and some of the sounds reminded m...
Tue, Sep 24 6:23 PM Shelflife review of Alice In the City by TheDICE
Sort of comforting feeling about this with a very nice bit of production.
Tue, Sep 24 5:58 PM Shelflife review of Following The Yellow Line by Pitx
You've managed to create that rambling feeling but at the same time make the vox...
Thu, Sep 12 5:48 PM Shelflife review of Love Liberation (inc stems) by stellarartwars
Great lyrics perfectly sung and placed in a whimsical but tasty BT. Well you ca...
Mon, Sep 9 5:20 PM Shelflife review of Lollipop by Alex
Great bag of sounds and very tasty production. Would have liked the lead voca...