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Reviews left by Shelflife

Wed, Jan 7 5:04 AM Shelflife review of Icepickin' by Admiral Bob
Great recordings and some super playing!
Mon, Jan 5 11:03 PM Shelflife review of Hurricane Song by Admiral Bob
Wonderful touches as you play off of Panu's great vocal
Mon, Jan 5 11:00 PM Shelflife review of Funky Butts by texasradiofish
Funking good!
Mon, Dec 15 6:52 PM Shelflife review of Holiday Funky Blues by Snowflake
Great choice of BT and a fine vocal delivery. Can your new years resolution...
Mon, Dec 15 4:20 PM Shelflife review of 9 9 hope by Stefan Kartenberg
Expertly done with a great vibe
Sat, Dec 13 8:10 PM Shelflife review of Still Still Still by Snowflake
Made me want to grab some lederhosen but instead I remixed it!! Lovely vocals...
Sat, Dec 13 8:07 PM Shelflife review of It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by unreal_dm
Wonderful seasonal offering!
Sat, Dec 13 6:16 PM Shelflife review of Winter_(Here_comes_the_Snow_) by Stefan Kartenberg
Great driving beat that moves the vocal along with great effect
Sat, Dec 13 6:10 PM Shelflife review of Abraxas by texasradiofish
I always look forward to hearing your mixes as I know they are going to have tha...
Mon, Dec 1 4:45 AM Shelflife review of Space Invaders by unreal_dm
Great production skills on show. Everything working so well together.
Mon, Dec 1 4:38 AM Shelflife review of Under the Christmas Tree (with Ciggiburns) by keytronic
I hate the falseness of Xmas. The people who normally ignore you but smile beam...
Mon, Dec 1 4:29 AM Shelflife review of Meditation on Jazz in Blue by Doxent Zsigmond
Very smooth mix
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