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Someone told me once that faith and doubt can not co-exist in a person. Ultimately, that may be true; but in this beautiful mess where most of us live, I’m not so sure. The Psalms, for instance, are full of both – even within the same Psalm. “O God You are merciful and faithful; Your steadfast love endures forever” and then a few verses later, “Where are you God? Will You forget me forever?” This song has that same kind of schizophrenia. It expresses faith and trust along with the desperation of “When are You going to show up God? I need You NOW!” I’ve had some pretty dark times in my life where it seemed as though He was completely absent; although I truly believe that He was probably never closer. I actually submitted this song in a song writing contest a few years back. I didn’t win anything. The judges sent me a critique of the song though. All it said was “We should never question God”. I don’t know planet they were living on or what Bible they were reading. Faith and doubt are interwoven throughout the whole narrative of the GodStory. Even one of the last words of Jesus was “Why…?” God’s a Big Boy; He can handle it!

Would love to know what feedback y’all might have…

Words & Music by Michael Webb

I know your voice
I just can’t hear it
I crave your touch
Why don’t I feel it
You know I trust in your devotion
But it seems you’re on some distant shore
And I am lost somewhere on the ocean
But I’m waiting on the promise
That you will find me and renew my strength
I’ll mount up with eagle’s wings and fly again
I just wonder when

When will you walk on water
When will you calm the sea
When will you move this mountain
It is crushing me
When will you pierce the darkness
When will you speak your peace
When will you breathe
Your breath of life
I’m smothering
I’m smothering

I look for light
But the darkness gathers
I cry out to you
But you don’t answer
Lord, you are wise – I know you’re faithful
Even when you’re four days late you’re right on time
To prove that you are able
So I’ll wait for your arrival
For you to call my name, restore my soul
And raise me up out of this dead man’s tomb
Could you make it soon?

Repeat Chorus

Oh your eye is on the sparrow
You saved Israel from pharaoh
Well I’m smaller than a nation
Am I bigger than a bird?
‘Cause I’m waiting on you Jesus
But I’m falling right to pieces
And I’m running out of tears
I won’t make it forty years

When will you walk on water
When will you part the sea
Meet me on that mountain
And enlighten me
When will you pierce the darkness
When will you speak your peace
When will you breathe
Your breath of life
I’m smothering
Lord, breathe in me


I am waiting, waiting in the storm
Say the word,
I’ll fall into your arms
Into Your arms
Move your hand Lord,
Reach and touch my face
Tell me its o.k.
To be here in this place
Give me peace
Beyond my understanding
Play When

by wilburson

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