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Reviews left by Niemandsland

Tue, Nov 22 1:59 AM Niemandsland review of Down.Down.Tumblin.Down by Calling Sister Midnight
gets under your skin! Jürgen
Tue, Nov 22 1:29 AM Niemandsland review of Song with the Far Away Pianos by Calling Sister Midnight
beautiful blue notes. Jürgen
Tue, Nov 22 1:27 AM Niemandsland review of Solfeggio Compo by Calling Sister Midnight
I like it - a song for the inner country. Good for the heart that beats so quiet...
Fri, Aug 12 5:01 AM Niemandsland review of Pells for ( All or Nothing ) by Steven M Bryant
Hello Mister - you've got a fantastic voice. Somewhere between heaven and earth....
Fri, Aug 12 4:46 AM Niemandsland review of Chance by Kara Square
What a song! The old gray man bows, but only if it is good for you. I love that ...
Fri, Aug 5 4:24 AM Niemandsland review of Build - Vocals by Kara Square
a wonderful blend of Inteligenz and heart. Concise as good poetry and then anoth...
Sat, May 28 3:39 AM Niemandsland review of Power to Strike - Vocal Stems by Kara Square
you're awesome! cordially Jürgen
Wed, Mar 30 1:52 AM Niemandsland review of Silly Monkey by Kara Square
very orginell! cordially Jürgen
Mon, Mar 28 10:18 AM Niemandsland review of The Whishing of Rain (with rain) by debbizo
very good - so I would like to work. cordially Jürgen
Mon, Mar 28 10:06 AM Niemandsland review of Truth and Beauty Scratched by debbizo
absolutely gorgeous - there beats my heart jazz. cordially Jürgen
Mon, Mar 28 10:04 AM Niemandsland review of Behave Aimee by debbizo
interesting contrast - it really has the feeling of the voice need to protect mo...
Sun, Mar 27 11:21 PM Niemandsland review of Emergence by Snowflake
A good text. I always always say to people who create music, but are not humble ...
Sun, Mar 27 11:06 PM Niemandsland review of I'll Wait (A Capella) by Snowflake
a very beautiful song. I am drawn to the slightly sad songs. Sadness makes de th...
Sun, Mar 27 10:59 PM Niemandsland review of Waiting For by BarryMorgan
very orginell! cordially Jürgen
Sun, Mar 27 10:58 PM Niemandsland review of Fading Things by BarryMorgan
the music serves the text, like an old professional butler. If the word in our t...