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Mon, Nov 21 7:23 PM HEJ31 review of Change changes things such as Product Availability in Vending Machines by annabloom
Ferdinand Leger's agent called. He's back from the grave and has decided to go "...
Sun, Nov 20 9:10 PM HEJ31 review of Dark Side of your Heart by Jeris
I'm hearing a bit of Willie DeVille in the tone of your voice -but who really ne...
Sun, Nov 20 9:02 PM HEJ31 review of When Will It End (Occupy Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Words and Sounds together. This really does have beauty. You understand that fun...
Sun, Nov 20 8:51 PM HEJ31 review of Where's the Party? by texasradiofish
Very creative. People that should not be naked. That's classic.
Sun, Nov 20 8:43 PM HEJ31 review of Occupy (your mind) by Snowflake
OK, so let's say for the time being we don't exactly analyze the words,but simpl...
Sun, Nov 20 10:48 AM HEJ31 review of Ave by Alex
This travels well from beginningto end. The mix of distinct sonic elements is ve...
Sun, Nov 20 10:13 AM HEJ31 review of All The Time In The World by Blake
To add to rcavaco's comment, I would say Susan sounds like an Indian movie chipm...
Sun, Nov 20 10:02 AM HEJ31 review of The Oregon Trail by Kara Square
Brilliant song. You've brought to life a piece that I often felt needed enhancem...
Sun, Nov 20 12:58 AM HEJ31 review of Are You Happy (Silver Crescent) by 7OOP3D
Very Nice.
Thu, Oct 6 5:26 PM HEJ31 review of Funk It: How It Is (ft Alex & unreal_dm) by SackJo22
I just listened to this at work, on cheap speakers that have no bass, but the mi...
Wed, Sep 14 9:24 PM HEJ31 review of Someone's Heart is Broken: For Fireproof Babies by SackJo22
Truly touching.
Mon, Sep 12 6:46 AM HEJ31 review of Marcello by Jeris
Too much man. This is a perfect enhancement of the stem.
Sun, Sep 11 8:46 PM HEJ31 review of Schrodinger Kitties by Jeris
Groovy baby.
Sun, Sep 11 8:40 PM HEJ31 review of Lamadio Tiado by SackJo22
I understand. You are asking the waiter to bring you more Pelligrino while they ...
Mon, Jul 4 2:22 PM HEJ31 review of The End by Snowflake
I've listened to this a couple of times, and I think it's one of those pieces t...