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Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX)

uploaded: Mon, Sep 12, 2005 @ 3:03 PM
byAntony Raijekov
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A dub/Trip-Hop remix of impressive vocals by Norine Braun with lazy rhodes and loungy drums. enjoy it.

Contents of ZIP Archive: RMX Samples

  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - MarcRhodes Solo A.mp3 (576.00Kb)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - MarcRhodes Solo B.mp3 (320.46Kb)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Bass B.mp3 (256.88Kb)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Rhodes B.mp3 (256.88Kb)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Bass A.mp3 (129.12Kb)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Rhodes A.mp3 (129.12Kb)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - MarcRhodes Solo A.mid (828)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - MarcRhodes Solo B.mid (555)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Bass B.mid (247)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Bass A.mid (192)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Rhodes B.mid (192)
  • /Be_Brave(Dub-TripHop RMX) - Rhodes A.mid (184)

"Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX)"
by Antony Raijekov

2005 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Sampling Plus

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Editorial pick

Sensual, trippy remix that is best listened to with dimmed lights and incense burning (do people still do that?).

Antony’s piano samples have already been used several times in other remixes and this time he proves his versatility by turning in this fantasic remix of Norine’s Be Brave vocals. He has also done the community a great service by uuploading the original loops he used to make this remix.

Enjoy, download, remix and share.