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Remix Culture Addict

uploaded: Wed, May 7, 2008 @ 3:58 AM
FeaturingNails, GWills, Boddyker, Ms. Vybe, Marc Deon, KCentric, 4nsic, MTG, Ghetto Dragon, Neurowaxx, autolect
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for the ccmixter addicts…I think I got all your pells appropriately tagged but if I missed one let me know and I’ll adjust. Also uses Ms. Vybe’s track addict…which she took down I think…but it’s too damn good. Please put it back up!

Peace everyone.

"Remix Culture Addict"
by shagrugge

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Editorial pick

Hip-hop pastiche done at its highest form in which a tribute to the site turns out to be a tribute to the DJ. This is artistry folks. Perfect in execution and more important perfect in feel.